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Late Night Snack Attack!! Part 3: Elimination Chamber Fried Rice!

Hello there! Yet again I am back for another round of Late Night Snack Attack!

Recapping from part 2 and the super bowl sandwich, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended up thrashing reigning champions the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9! An outcome I wasn't expecting.

It was a good night all in all, with the little bonus of me winning on a £10 free bet with the Buccaneers winning.

This time though we head back to WWE & the latest stop on the road to mania, The Elimination Chamber!

The chamber PPV is normally the last stop before mania but with there still being about 6 weeks left, I'd think there will be one or even two more events before. So it leaves plenty of time for a few more twists and turns in the storylines.

The idea to do something for the chamber came to be a bit as a last minute thing as I thought the show was still a couple of weeks away. So I was thinking of what to cook from about 10am Sunday before the show kicked off 14 hours later. I was at work until 5 and I had the next few days off, It seemed like a good idea.

It took me a good while to think of what to cook, It needed to be simple enough to do with what ingredients I had available. With it being Sunday and I was working until 5 there wouldn't be a great deal still open.

In the end I went for fried rice!

The original idea was to break up a couple of beef burgers I had in the freezer to make mini meatballs, which would of been a bit different.

But when I was looking at my stash in the freezer, I remembered I had steak!

So in the end I went for fried rice with steak, streaky bacon, red pepper, garlic, paprika, Worcester sauce, parsley, salt & pepper,

If you're making fried rice of any kind, make sure you do these 2 things!

Boil your rice first!

Let the boiled rice cool down completely before frying! Run the rice under the cold tap to speed things up but let it drain properly!

So I started cooking at about 10pm, feeling the effects of a bottle of red wine I had before hand with my dinner. But with a couple of coffees, the food & a few few other things, I soon sobered up.

The rice was really simple to do! I just fried off the steak, bacon & peppers and then when they're cooked through, add the rice. You should use a wok for flash frying like that but a frying pan will do as long as its a decent pan, cant have it sticking!

The show all in all was decent, and quite short too. I was all done and in bed for half 2, where as the rumble I was going for about 4ish.

So I think that's that for this part of Late Night Snack Attack!

There will be a few more posts coming along the next week or so, with a few new ideas I want to make in the kitchen!

Also before I go! The song added to the LNSA Spotify playlist was 'And so it went' by The Pretty Reckless!

I'm thinking I will leave the link to the playlist in my next LNSA post because the playlist is filling up, I cant have a playlist out there with 5 songs in it!

Thankyou all for reading and I will talk to you soon!

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