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Late Night Snack Attack!! Part 9: Backlash BLT

Hello there!!

I return with another Late Night Snack Attack!

My last LNSA post came last weekend when I watched Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Saunders & made a spicy burger for the spicy encounter.

This time though I return with my Backlash BLT!

This is to do with Sunday nights Wrestlemania: Backlash!

Backlash used to be the PPV after mania where there would be all of the rematches for the rivalries, so all the storyline loose ends could be tied up.

This time though the card was completely different with a couple of matches catching my eye, hence why I've stayed up to watch it & why I am now writing about it.

I decided on doing a variation on a BLT because of my main event BLT sandwich I made for night 2 of mania, so it was to go with the backlash theme.

Although looking back I wish I did another loaded naan from night 1 because that was epic!

But I only remembered that I did both nights on the way back from the supermarket with the BLT ingredients.

That is always the way though, I'll find an excuse for making another!

As I don't fancy being rolled around in the near future as my only way of transportation, I made a BLT salad with a few trimmings! Just to make it a little trendy, modern and not stereotypically boring as salads often are.

But before I bore you with salad details, I'll explain a little about the event.

Right off the bat, on the intro of the show it seemed like they were more interested in promoting Zack Snyder's new Netflix film: Army Of The Dead, which stars former wrestler Batista.

If you don't know him from the squared circle then he has given multiple oscar performances as Drax the Destroyer from the Guardians Of The Galaxy & Avenger films.

I am obviously joking, Batista recently came out and said he wanted Drax to be killed off in the next guardians & for his character to be re done.

It appears he is wanting to move over from Marvel & try a role or few roles in the DC universe. With him being rumoured to have been considered for Bane in the upcoming suicide squad.

An interesting role but he will have to do a lot to beat Tom Hardy's Bane.

Anyway I'll stop before I get into Zack Snyder folklore but if you are interested in DC comics, he has directed & been involved in writing & producing a lot of their recent movies.

The show started with one of the matches I stayed up for! Ripley vs Flair vs Asuka!

Three awesome women and like I've said before about the soft spot I have for Ripley when I seen her at Takeover: Cardiff.

I noticed flair was wearing Dalmatian themed gear to reference the new Cruella film that Disney are doing which was pretty cool.

There was a bizarre match that promoted the Army Of The Dead film even further when 'zombies' surrounded the ring for a match.

To the point I even said this is too much for me and I was ready to call it a night. I can handle silliness to a limit but I have a grievance in making a joke out of decent talent.

I feel this stopped the momentum of a decent show but the competitors did there best with what was asked of them.

Skipping to the main event, this was the main reason I watched! Cesaro vs Reigns!

Cesaro was also at Takeover: Cardiff and I have always felt he has been underused in his time in WWE.

Reigns I have been loving his character change over the past year from fan favourite to badass tribal chief.

I like the faction he is building with his cousins, It is bringing up a lot of family issues they are covering about power and being there for family.

The match was standout as I had no doubts it wouldn't be. Looking back at the show I should of predicted all the results as there was no real changes apart from the Mysterio's winning the tag titles which was pretty cool.

So yeah, a pretty solid show apart from the overdone zombie outbreak.

Onto the salad!

I went for iceberg lettuce & some lovely multicoloured tomatoes for the 'L' & 'T'. For the 'B' I found some nice back bacon, which I pan fried.

I wanted to jazz the salad up a little so I sliced up a shallot and also some ciabatta to make croutons at the end.

I also added something with a little umph & spice, so I diced up some Mexicana cheese. Literally this is one of my favourite things right now to eat and to cook with.

When the bacon was nearly done, I poured in a touch of honey to help caramelise the rashers. After removing the sweet & salty bacon I put in a little basil oil into the pan and added the croutons to absorb all of that flavour whilst I built the salad.

I had it ready for the main show and if I had anything to improve on, it would be that I should of cooked off the shallots a little before because they were strong. In fact I could feel the oniony burn in my mouth when I woke up the next morning, but every day is a lesson so I will know for next time.

But overall it was an ok night with decent food & a decent show.

That wraps up this round of late night snack attack! This feature will be into double figures soon and the whole blog could be into triple figures in terms of uploads by the time 2021 is out!

Thankyou all for reading and I'll chat to you next time!

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