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Late Night Snack Attack!! Part 11: Roastie Rumble 2!!

Hello there!

I am back with my first late night snack attack of 2022!

This time out we have a sequel post! It's roastie rumble 2!!

My first ever entry to this feature was the rumble from this time last year, where Britain had not long entered its third national lockdown due to covid. I came up with the idea of making food for late night entertainment and sports events.

From January to around April is the most interesting time on the WWE calendar I feel because the rumble starts the road to mania, which is normally held around April time. Its the time I take the most notice anyway.

In the past couple of years I have seen talent get released from the company that makes no sense what so ever.

Recently I had seen they had changed the name of the 6 foot 4 Austrian behemoth known as WALTER to Gunther Stark, which drew criticism after people began searching the name online and found it was the name of a Nazi U-boat commander in World War II. WWE has since shortened the name to just Gunther.

This change really questioned if I really wanted to watch these select shows anymore, but I will see how the rumble goes. WALTER is a freak of nature and is someone who I have been lucky enough to see live a couple of times.

You need to hear the wincing chops he deploys, they're brutal.

I feel/felt that he could go right to the top if he is booked right, He is a brilliant bad guy. I'd like to think he will enter the rumble and will have a good run.

My last LNSA post was the last hotdog for SummerSlam! Basic but good for the event!

I like the rumble as there can be surprise entry's, returns, debuts and crossovers from rival company's in both the men's and women's matches.

There is also a bit of a dream match between two titans in Brock Lesnar & Bobby Lashley!

As the title suggests, I have made roast potatoes & challenged a friend to do the same!

But before that I will recap the first roastie rumble from last year! Firstly my friend went for sea salt, chilli rapeseed oil and honey, garnished with chopped spring onion! These Irish roosters looked amazing!

I decided to make loaded roast potatoes with bacon, cheese, parsley & BBQ sauce!

This year though! Avoiding repeating last years flavour combinations, we decided to switch it up a little!

My lovely opponent decided to use the chilli rapeseed oil & garlic like before. She also used honey infused with ginger.

I love this photo, and the plate!!

My roasties were cooked with white onion and one of my all time favourite ingredients.... chorizo!!

The released oils from the chorizo covered everything nicely.

I have a prediction for the women's rumble, I believe the lovely Liv Morgan will be the last woman standing!

I am unsure on the men's match as I don't know who has the momentum in the company, part of me thinks the rock may return to set up a family feud rivalry at mania with Roman Reigns.

I'd love to see an appearance from John Cena! I am currently waiting impatiently for the Peacemaker series is available in the UK to watch.

Next on late night snack attack, It will be the super bowl!

The teams are not yet confirmed but after this weekend they will be. The winners from the Chiefs and the Bengals for the AFC championships, as well as the match up between the Rams and the 49ers for the NFC championships. So all eyes on this weekends deciding games!

Thankyou all for reading and I'll see you next time!

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