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Late Night Snack Attack!! Part 10: The Last Hot Dog?!?!

Hello there!!

I am back with part 10 of late night snack attack!!

I am into double figures for the second time with one of my features! With food & music being the first!

With LNSA, I have made food for the wrestling, boxing, super bowl and even Oprah with Meghan and Harry.

This time out I am back for SummerSlam weekend! Where I will be cooking for SummerSlam on the Saturday night & Takeover on the Sunday night.

SummerSlam is known as one of WWE's big four main shows in the calendar year. It's been about 3 months since I last watched any wrestling as I have lost interest in it a little. The releases to some brilliant talent hasnt helped that.

Another wrestling promotion called AEW changed the game last night with the signing of CM Punk. Who got a hometown hero welcome in Chicago.

Punk was released 7 years ago by WWE, he received the news on his wedding day. Punk went into UFC where he had 2 fights.

His return I think will overshadow this weekends events but I am looking forward to see how WWE counter act this.

It will be interesting to see what happens to him in AEW anyway.

Last year I did stay up to watch SummerSlam but I didn't cook! We did eat well though as I got in a selection from McDonald's.

I remember waking up at 11pm after a nap, taking the late night drive to get the food but I only remember the ending to SummerSlam last year. I remember being very over tired the day after the lack of sleep & being at work and stuff.

For SummerSlam this year though made hot dogs, inspired by an old advert from 2006's event. The scenario explains itself if you clock the video below.

It is something myself and my brother reference even to this day and it still gets a giggle.

I made make shift hot dogs by putting 2 small sausages in the buns as I couldn't find any big ones (Mind out of the gutter! you know who you are!)

I also roasted off some white & red onions instead of frying them, get the veggies in somehow! I think the last time I made hot dogs was for everyone last summer and I don't think the ones I made tonight are as good as the ones I made back then!

Just look at that platter!!!

Tomorrow night there is NXT Takeover! A show I would say I am more excited about than tonight as It has a UK championship match between WALTER & Ijia Dragunov, who I have seen both live 2 years ago at Takeover Cardiff! Also the main event has Karrion Kross & Samoa Joe which is a dream match!

I am undecided whether I will save hot dogs for tomorrow night or if I will save the left over ones for work & cook something else instead!

If so then I will be doing another post tomorrow for takeover! So stay tuned.. or don't, we will see what happens!

That wraps up a very brief part 10! Thankyou all for reading and I will speak to you next time!

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