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Late Night Snack Attack!! Part 8: Alvarez Vs Saunders, Fight Night!!

Hello there!!

I am back for yet another late night snack attack and its fight night!!

This is my first boxing match covered on my cooking page and it features the undefeated brit Billy Joe Saunders when he takes on Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez.

This fight has been pushed a lot on the radio and across the other media platforms. Being I listen to talksport at work, I have heard a lot of the build up so I guess that's the reason why I want to watch.

The fight unifies the WBA, WBC & WBO super middleweight belts.

Before the fight, Alvarez had a 55 win & 1 loss record, the loss coming from his bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Where as Saunders had a 30 win record with zero losses.

Saunders had 14 knockouts in his 30 career wins before the fight. Alvarez, however, is considered one of the world's best pound-for-pound fighters, known for his counterpunches. He is also considered among boxing's best body punchers.

He has won world championships in four weight classes in his career from light middleweight to light heavyweight. Alvarez had registered 37 knockouts out of his 55 bouts.

The fight was held in Arlington, Texas at the AT&T stadium, home to the NFL team the Dallas Cowboys.

The fight has come up against some roadblocks along the way with issues to do with the ring size and the Saunders camp unhappy with the details. I think they were unhappy because the ring was smaller than what he's been training in inside his camp.

I've had to write this in a messed up past/future tense as I started writing this before the fight, then I went to bed and got up in the early hours to watch and then I am finishing before I go to work, so I hope it makes sense.

I managed to get the fight on the DAZN app & the fight was only £2 which is bonkers when you think about it, considering its a prize fight. It is a streaming service very much like Netflix but just for boxing.

I had to write this in my messed up tense because I didn't make the food until half hour before the main event & I don't imagine many of you would be reading this at half 3 in the morning. The information I have seen is that the ring walks will be at around 4am UK time, which will just lead me to start my day a little earlier than usual.

In regards to who I think will win, its simply the case of heart vs head. I would love Saunders to win but I think the task may just be too great.

Onto the food & I wanted to do something simple but worthy of fight night! I decided to make a burger but being this was built to be a spicy encounter, I had some spicy cheese to go with it that is perfect for such an event!

Along with a little salsa, fried onions & tomato! It was so good!

I did make a rule that being I have the burger chronicles feature on my blog, that I wouldn't make any burgers on any of my features but I think a one off wont be too bad!

As for the fight, it was stopped at the end of round 8 going into round 9 when Saunders couldn't make the bell, So it classes as a TKO.

They were saying he has a broken orbital bone around his eye after taking a heavy uppercut, I'd say Saunders was winning the fight before his corner retired. But Alvarez never looked in any real danger apart from a couple of combo punches.

I was shocked with how many people were there, they said it is the 3rd highest attendance for an indoor crowd at a boxing event with just over 73000 people.

Todd Grisham & Carl 'Cobra' Froch were on commentary which was nice to see! Froch held multiple super middleweight world championships before retiring. He's from Nottingham & I've seen him a couple of times at the City Ground while I've been at Forest.

Todd Grisham I remember being a commentator in the WWE when I was younger.

Saunders was greeted with boo's from the capacity crowd from the very start. His entrance was good though, with the war sirens playing out and Winston Churchills 'We will fight them on the beaches' speech playing out, really set the scene.

Alvarez however came out to a full mariachi band playing.

Alvarez only needs one more belt to hold them all and that sets up a fight with Caleb Plant, hopefully before the year is out.

Overall the fight was good, I look forward to Alvarez/Plant & what light will be shed next week on talksport. I just hope the injury to Saunders isn't as bad a first thought and he recovers quickly.

This wraps up yet another round of late night snack attack!!

I'm pleased to get this finished as I am pushing my luck for time as I leave for work soon!

Thankyou all for reading and I will see you next time!

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