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Food Memories Part 1: The Pizza And The Clown

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Want a balloon ??


This is the first instalment from my food memories feature, and what better way to kick thing off with one of my favourite characters and favourite foods in recent time. Pennywise the clown was given a reboot in 2017 and the second part of the reboot was released onto DVD at the start of this week. I was taken out to see the second film at the cinema for my birthday by a close friend, having forced the first film onto her because I didn't want to go see the second film on my own.

Another thing I forced onto her was the philli cheesesteak sandwich, for months I went on about this sandwich and how good it was and I finally got to make it for her. It was well worth the wait and I was happy after all the talking about it, It came out okay. We were supposed to make it together but I just took over, I do that sometimes.

Now as you've probably seen, I have made the cheesesteak in different ways like inside a pitta bread. I have also thought about putting the mix in a Yorkshire pudding, wraps, nachos and even making a cheesesteak burger.

While we were out, we went for something to eat at pizza hut! Now I love pizza (obviously) but when we both looked at the menu and we both seen that pizza hut had a philli cheesesteak pizza on their menu, we both gasped, looked at each other and knew exactly what we wanted!

So for this food memory I remade the cheesesteak pizza. The pizza had a cheese sauce on the base, sliced steak, green peppers and onions and cheese on top. The only difference with my pizza and the pizza hut version is that we ordered stuffed crust where I didn't make it this time. When I made it I spent most of my time on the unfinished onion rings, this pizza took me about 45 minutes to make and cook and about 45 seconds to demolish.

For the pictures I went and brought the DVD. ( which was a certificate 15? where the first part is an 18, but I thought there was more graphic scenes in the second part? who knows?)

I also received a pennywise pop vinyl figure for Christmas, I went through a phase of collecting them a few years ago, I only really get them now if I really like them or they can be used in any pictures in future. This pennywise is from the funhouse scene, if you know then you know.


So yeah, it was a great night and has given me a nice memory to write about. But be warned tho, if you make this pizza and eat it as quickly as I did, one things for certain...

You'll float too....

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