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Food Memories Part 4: Harlequin Chicken

This food memory is about a few things I remember from my time watching the Leicester Tigers when I was younger.

I used to go to the rugby when I was younger, when I was about 10 or 11 years old. To start off I went with my dad, then my brother started and then my mum started too and it became a family affair. I've travelled all over the country and beyond to watch the tigers. All include Bath, London, Manchester, Gloucester, Northampton, Leeds and Nottingham. As well as few places in Wales & Ireland like Newport, Llanelli and Dublin. Having watched teams come to Welford Road from all over England and from Wales, France, Ireland, Italy and Australia.

I have been lucky enough to see some of the greatest players to ever step onto the pitch play like Jonah Lomu, Jonny Wilkinson, Martin Johnson and Brian O'Driscoll to name a few out of so many.

I have two food memories I remember to talk about when it comes to rugby!

One I will talk about now, and the other in another post!

The first memory is about when me and my family went to Harlequins away, well back then they were called NEC Harlequins. Harlequins play at the stoop in Twickenham, London. It is a stones through away from Twickenham stadium, where the English national side play.

When we used to go on long away days we used to take food with us like sandwiches, crisps, cakes and other things. At the time my family were the doing slimming world diet so we had some roasted chicken drumsticks too which were syn free, just plain, no seasonings or anything. So with the memory I have I call mine harlequin chicken.

Tigers are not the force they used to be back then I believed on our day, We were the best team in the world. I have a lot of memories unrelated to food with rugby. Off the top of my head I think of my dad kicking off with Austin Healey, Tim Stimpson's match winning 58 mitre kick at the City Ground and seeing the Webb Ellis cup in person after England's 2003 world cup in Australia.

I haven't set foot in the stadium in about 15 years so going to a game is well over due, maybe one day soon! Especially with what has happened over the past year!

I will leave you with something truly special, I couldn't believe its on YouTube. The quality isn't the best but you can make out what happens.

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