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Food Memories Part 5: Cheltenham Festival 2015

Hello there!

This food memory takes us back 6 years to 2015, when I spent a day working at Cheltenham festival.

I had the chance of working down there because someone I worked with knew someone with a hog roast trailer and they were looking for an extra pair of hands, so I thought why not!

This years festival is certainly going to be different with nobody being able to attend.

I only did the one day down there, I even think its my one and only time I've been to Cheltenham.

It was certainly a different experience, security getting in was very thorough as you'd expect it would be to such a big money event.

Speaking of money, you could see the money on show as well as the people out from all manor of different classes and backgrounds.

It was a shock to the system with the fast pace serving of people, luckily I wasn't on the till. I haven't done anything like that before and was praying I wasn't called upon to man the till.

I don't remember a great deal of detail about it which doesn't help this post.

Tomorrow marks the start of the 2021 Cheltenham festival and I just thought now would be a good time to reminisce about it, or it would be written about at a random time or I'd have to wait a full year to tell it.

For this occasion I made pork and homemade stuffing batches a few days ago!

On the hog roast, I think we did pork, turkey and beef in batches. The one major thing I learned on the hog roast was how to make stuffing, I am not sure how traditional it is but I actually learned it at another show in London. But I have other ideas for my London post so I thought I would do the stuffing for this one.

The stuffing was made up of bread, fried onions, water & dried sage.

For my stuffing I fried off a couple of onions that were finely diced, I broke up about 10 slices of bread into small pieces and added them to the pan. Once they were fried off a little I gradually added warm water and broke all the bread up and then I added the sage.

Next I put it into an oven proof dish and press it down gently, then I bake it when I need to until it has a nice golden colour on the top.

Homemade stuffing is very versatile I feel and could be changed, maybe adding cranberry's, bacon, chorizo and maybe different type of herbs?

Now I'm know next to nothing about horses and horse racing so I will be giving the temptation to have a flutter a miss.

This wraps up this short and sweet food memory, I will write up the other part to the hog roast story another time!

I can tell you the food will be duck & spring onion wraps/pancakes.

I made the most of when I cooked my pork and stuffing batches for this post, I made the most of the pig skin too and made the crunchiest crackling!

Thankyou all for reading and I will chat to you soon!

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