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Food Memories Part 3: Carnival Row Curry!

Hello again everyone! And welcome back!

This food memory comes from around this time last year, I think around that time I had the week off work and I just did a lot of cooking!

I also watched a few films (I cant remember which ones) and a series called Carnival Row. I also binged watched Hell's Kitchen, but I have that on mostly in the background whilst I type up work for my blog.

For those that haven't seen it, Carnival Row is set in a mystical and dark city filled with humans, fairies and other creatures. A police detective investigates a series of gruesome murders against the fairy population. It stars Orlando Bloom, who plays the detective and Cara Delevingne who plays a fairy. Both characters meet during a war and become reunited years later.

I quite like Orlando & Cara, obviously Orlando was in the Lord Of The Rings & Pirates Of The Caribbean films, and it didn't twig with me after that Cara was in the Suicide Squad. They play brilliant roles in this though and I'm looking forward into seeing what happens next in the story.

The series is on Amazon Prime Video and it was one of those I had seen advertised for a while and just never got round to watching, It was the trailer that spurred me on to watch it. The trailer features a song by Billy Eilish and whilst the trailer I'm about to share is the exact one I watched back then, It's still good.

At first I was going to do this as a food in films post, but being the curry I made has no reference in the series, I just like the chilled memory of a decent food, beer and good TV! What more could you want?

It was also around the time I was giving Food With Chewi a bit of a rebrand with a new logo and a lot of new props and stuff I had made. The 2nd birthday of FWC is coming soon and I've ordered a few bits, hopefully they will be here in time.

So for my curry & Carnival Row night, I made a chicken saag with rice, naan breads, poppadom's, mango chutney, Greek yogurt & a good few bottles of Heineken!

I've had Carnival Row on in the background whilst I've been writing this up, It really is a brilliant series and I would recommend it to anyone! The first thing I do when I finish a series is I always google to see if there is a follow on series being made. Whilst I was doing my research for this post, I found out that series two had finished filming last August so hopefully there will be an announcement about series 2 in the next few months!

So part 3 of my food memories feature is a short and sweet one!

Maybe I will make another curry when the next series is released?

Who Knows!

Thankyou all for reading, if you watched and enjoyed the series then drop me a comment or message & lets chat about it!!

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