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Super Sunday!

Hello again everyone!

I come to you this time with another new feature I am going to be writing about in the future.

I had this idea around the same time frame that I had the late night snack attack feature idea. They are similar in some ways, being they are about making food for sporting events.

Super Sunday though will focus solely on football or soccer if you're reading from a different part of the world.

Also where late night snack attack will focus on American style snacks & comfort food. Super Sunday will be built around finger food, it highlights my interest in buffet food. Basically I like making miniature/individual versions of popular food.

Super Sunday is named after Sky Sports coverage of the English premier league on a Sunday (Obviously). Normally they cover 3 games throughout the day, granted I wont sit there and watch all day but they are good to have on in the background. Once in a while there is a big game on, like for example this weekend Manchester United play Arsenal. A game that holds a lot of history.

Also being a Nottingham Forest fan, a few of our ex players have moved up the football pyramid and play for the liked of West Ham United, Leicester City, Newcastle United, Leeds United & Aston Villa.

I have a few ideas for this feature, with the debut post already planned and made.

Like all of my features, I will be making a Spotify playlist because who doesn't love music while we cook!

With this being my last feature intro I need to write for (So far!). That means I can write a Spotify post about each playlist I've, with a few details about each feature.

So that wraps up this intro to yet another feature and to quite the iconic Martin Tyler.

Super Sunday, Its here,

AND ITS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

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