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Food In Films Name & Logo Change!

Hello there!!

I have just a little blog/feature update to share!

I've been having a bit of a tinker with a few of my features and their existing logos.

Food In Films is one of the features I will be changing, with a tiny change to the name but a big change in the logo!

Food In Films will be changed to Food & Films and will cover food from both films & from tv series. When making the new logo I didn't like how 'In' looked in the new font.

The logo however has a big change to it!

I wanted the red and white stripes as a background, to resemble the old fashioned popcorn boxes. After that I stumbled onto the neon looking font whilst looking for a more bubbly, pop arty font. What I ended up with reminds me of The Great Gatsby, but it also gives off IT vibes for me.

All and all I think it is an improvement!

As I often say, I have a few ideas of posts I want to do! But whether I actually do them or not is a different matter. I am trying to be better at keeping up with all this!

When that comes around I have a post ready to write from Brooklyn Nine-Nine! As well as ideas from Ratatouille, Deadpool, Morning Glory and Parks and Rec.

So keep your eyes peeled!

Any Food & Film suggestions, message me on Insta!

Thanks for reading!

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