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Halloween 2021!!

Hello there!

Long time no speak!

I am back for the first time in what has been a busy few months!!

Carrying on from my last post which was a Late Night Snack Attack entry at the end of the summer!

Its time to reflect on this years recently passed Halloween! I'll also throw in the odd little update & ramble as we go.

Last year I felt I went as all out as I physically could with Halloween and was left feeling tired more than anything else. So this year I took more of a relaxed approach, the fact there are bigger things after Halloween could well be a contributing factor. I feel I did make some wicked food though and had some great times. A new tradition for Halloween with my family is having a barbecue, which we stuck too this year despite the stormy weather.

I wanted to make the most of the Halloween theme throughout the month instead of having the mad dash at the end to get everything planned, cooked & written up.

I managed to watch a few things, not as much as I would of liked but that's always the case. I wanted to increase the horror intake in my Netflix diet but I only really watched apostle. Apostle is the most unhappiest of films, with the reason I watched it being down to Michael Sheen having a role in it. It was good and tense but just gruesome & harsh.

I watched the phenomenon that is Squid Game, brilliant series with great storytelling & characters. I am on the fence whether I would like to see a second series as there's always the concern that it may be ruined or taken too far.

I've seen ideas & suggestions about the story focus being taken away from Seong Gi-Hun & giving more depth into the Korean police or even the guards. They could always return to him later, just there would be more backstory built.

I have theories & things for the future of the story but I wont say as they contain spoilers & things of that nature.

My Halloween gaming has been minimal, accept for the latest dark pictures anthology release: House Of Ashes!!

I have a soft spot for these set of games, a collection of interactive horror stories where the players decisions define the fate of the characters involved.

House of ashes is set in 2003 in Iraq during the Iraq war, where a team of American soldiers are sent to find & raid what is believed to be a storage bunker with hidden nuclear weapons.

Whilst on the mission the team come under enemy fire & the ground caves in beneath them, revealing the ruins of an Akkadian temple. Home to a swarm of bat like creatures that you have to survive against whilst you're down there & try to climb out and escape.

I only played it through once but it wasn't the sort of horror genre I react too, once I learned there was an out of space element to it.

The next chapter looks absolutely sick though, the devil in me it is called so I would image it is coming out next year.

Upon my research for writing about this, I learned that there are 8 games planned! which is exciting!

I also played and finished little nightmares 2 which was a good freaky game, I've been playing God Of War and the new FIFA. With this years football manager, the remastered GTA series & Guardians of the galaxy game in my sights. I am going to have an ample choice when I get round to playing.

I added to my Halloween Spotify playlist which I'm proud of, adding songs from artists like Placebo, Of Monsters and Men, UNKLE & Pendulum.

When we do the barbeques though, we always resort back to Arcade Fire.

I made a couple of soups over late October, mainly pumpkin (Obviously!) & Tomato and red pepper.

I had a suggestion of roasting the pumpkin seeds & I was quite impressed with the results. I made them twice, using salt, pepper & garlic granules but with the second time I added some onion powder and paprika as well.

They gave off the after taste of a mouthful of popcorn and I think they would make a great salty bar snack.

I mentioned earlier on in the post about a Halloween barbecue!

Last year it was mainly burgers I cooked on the barbecue for Halloween with a load of different food like soup, pizza, bacon wrapped chilli's and some other things.

This year though I did my main part of my Halloween food on the barbecue!

I cooked pork belly, lamb chops & some boneless chicken thighs! All of which had been marinated for a couple of days!

I think the before & after shot below explains it!

We had that much meat we decided to do Halloween over two nights, so the Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was more of the party atmosphere, where as the Sunday was more chilled. So basically I had a bottle of wine to myself on the Saturday where as Sunday I was in bed for 9pm. Two different contrasts in nights there.

The VIP of the nights for me was definitely the chicken, It was spectacular. I am certainly going to be doing that same process with the chicken thighs again very soon!

I couldn't resist and I brought a spooky caterpillar cake which topped off a nice and chilled Halloween. It did look pretty cool up against the usual ones you see out and about.

I still have half left so spooky Colin will be going extinct sooner rather than later! Sorry Colin!

So that about wraps up this post and Halloween 2021, thankyou all for reading if you got this far.

I will try not to leave it as long for my next entry but I cannot promise anything. There's a lot coming up for me in the coming months as I plan to put a few miles on my mind, body & soul.

So we will see! Until we talk again!

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