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Food Memories Name & Logo Change!

Hello again!

I have been tinkering with things yet again and changed another features name and logo.

Food Memories will now be called Food Flashbacks!

Looking through it, I think I have done some of my best blog work in this feature! Writing about some food memories that really make me smile!

However one thing that didn't make me smile was looking back at the logo I originally came up with.

I recently altered the film & TV incorporated part of the blog, changing Food In Films to Food & Films!

I would also like to change the gaming part of it with my Level Up's feature, but that's a post for another time.

I wanted to find a better name rather than food memories because I felt after a while it came off as quite boring. So after randomly seeing The Flash advertised somewhere, the name flashbacks came to find me quite rapidly, which I like much better.

I have a post to alter slightly before my next Food Flashbacks upload. I wrote it up about a year ago but still having to get the props and photos necessary to complete it!

I'd say the features are looking better compared to the before and after, but that's just one mans opinion!

Thankyou for reading! Until next time.

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