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Hello there!

We are few days down the line from a jam packed Easter weekend so I thought I would tell you all what I cooked for Easter 2021. Granted it wasn't a lot compared to last year as I made hot crossed buns from scratch & I also roasted a duck for Easter Sunday lunch.

This year however I worked the good Friday, the Saturday and the Easter Sunday so I was limited for time & what I could make.

The majority of what I made was baked and was on the sweet side rather than the savoury, but there is the odd savoury addition.

I just wanted to touch on what I made briefly, I wanted to get this post done, dusted yesterday and out there for the world to see but my internet was playing up massively, it is hit and miss today as well so lets see how far we get!

Good Friday

Smarties Fudge

Opening my Easter post was one of my first and main ideas for this year, Fudge!

Originally It was intended to be a white chocolate fudge with Cadburys mini eggs. But to my surprise when I went to the shop a few days before Easter, there were no mini eggs in sight. That went for crème eggs as well so I had to improvise, a word you'll be seeing a lot throughout this post!

The fudge was simple to make, if anything the hardest part was waiting for it to set in the fridge, especially if you are impatient at times like me.

I had made this on the Thursday so it was set and ready for when I got back from work on the Friday.

Marble Cake

I was going to be daring and try to make hot crossed buns at work but it turned out I couldn't, so I wanted to make a cake that looked good and that took a little more effort.

Marble cake has a brilliant looking effect once its sliced, depending on what two cake mixes you use. For my cake I kept it simple and did chocolate and syrup, although I am toying with the idea of making a Battenberg style cake with the yellow & pink.

Easter Swirls

Now this idea came to me when I was mid way through making the marble cake. I will be brief with this part as I am going to do a separate something from nothing post about these.

But I will say that these swirls were made with a pizza dough and was meant to resemble the flavours of a hot crossed bun.



Before this turns into an idea inception.

I had this idea whilst I was making the Easter swirls the day before, I wondered how pizza would go down as I had never made it for the people I cook for before.

I thought it would make a nice addition to the afternoon tea, I mean who doesn't love pizza!

I just went for ham and tomato with a decent amount of cheddar cheese & herbs on top.

It went down ok from what I noticed.


Crème Egg Cookies

A recipe gone wrong, these were supposed to be rock cakes, not cookies. With wanting to keep the chopped crème egg chunks in tact I made the rock cake mix differently than I usually would. This ended in me adding to much milk to the mix which made it impossible for the rock cakes to hold their shape.

In the end I was left with EDIBLE crème egg cookies, so I guess it could of been worse.


Typically on a Sunday, you'd have a roast dinner anyway so for Easter Sunday, I thought I would add a few extra trimmings in the form of homemade stuffing balls and pigs in blanket slices.

The big thing for me with this was making the stuffing into balls as I never have before with my own mix.

I ended up making the mix late Saturday afternoon so it had the over night to firm up.


Carrot Cake

Along with the fudge, the carrot cake was my main idea for Easter. The plan was for the carrot cake with a cream cheese icing spread on top with the little icing carrots to decorate. I wanted to make that icing because I have never made it before and I wanted to give it a go.

But again I had to improvise, firstly with there being no fondant carrots in the shop so I thought I would have a selection of mini chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbits in the centre instead.

I went for KitKat, Lindt & Oreo eggs, mainly for the colours on the wrapping.

My next problem came when I made the icing, due to my lack of instruction reading ability I didn't whip the butter up before adding the icing sugar and cream cheese, which made the mix full of buttery lumps.

Looking to salvage this, I then used a hand blender to smooth it out. It did indeed smooth out the mix, it also caused the mix to split which made it too unstable to layer on top of the cake.

In the end I served the icing in a bowl next to the cake for people to add a dollop on top of a slice, because it still tasted good!

I was a little annoyed as I wanted this to be my showstopper and for it to be the perfect end to the Easter weekend. But these things happen and you have to move swiftly on.

So that wraps up my Easter 2021 post!

A few unrelated comments though!

I am considering starting yet another new feature soon, adding another Instagram page I have to the mix and combining the two. So stay tuned for that!

I restarted and finished Naughty Dogs Uncharted 4, I was satisfied with how the story ended. I will be waiting with anticipation as Tom Holland will be playing Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted film.

I brought something a few days ago that has something to do with Naughty Dog and I cannot believe such a thing exists! I will have to make a food related post about it somehow, whether it will be part of my Level Ups! or Food & Music feature I have no idea yet, but saying I'm excited is an understatement!

Lastly, It is Wrestlemania week so as soon as I am finishing Easter I have the next few days ahead that is jam packed! I am still unsure of what I am going to make, with that being said though Late Night Snack Attack is going to be very busy indeed!

Thankyou all for reading and I will talk to you real soon!

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