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The Burger Chronicles! 🍔 Part 2: Burger Kings Bacon Double Cheese Burger!

So it has been just over a year since I started and posted on my burger chronicles feature, starting off with a festive pig in blanket burger!

This time though I did something a little different and I recreated one of my favourite fast food burgers, the bacon double cheese burger from Burger King!

Now I had Burger King when I was a kid and thinking back, I remember we would eat out in Coventry.

It would be something we would have at the weekend while I was out with the family because it was near a cinema and toys r us. Who else loved toys r us?!?!

I'd say as fast food goes, we would have Burger King more so than McDonald's back then.

The bacon double cheese burger was always my go to burger and still is! Well I say that but I haven't had a BK in well over a year!

I'd say McDonald's and KFC have left Burger King behind in recent years in regards to popularity and preference. Also that creepy king mascot thing they had didn't do them any favours!

I decided to add this to my burger chronicles because I made it for my takeover: Cardiff post I wrote last august.

Its a fairly simple burger to make, with beef burgers, streaky bacon & American style cheese.

In fact the trickiest part for me was to find the sesame seed buns in Tesco's!

Looking forward, I think McDonald's Big Mac, McMuffin & Big Tasty are strong contenders for what burgers I will make next for the chronicles!

There are also these ideas! I'd really love to make a black and blue burger, which would have a black pepper and blue stilton sauce. There is the idea of a cheesesteak burger with fried steak, green peppers and onions! Lastly for now I have found a surf & turf burger recipe that has caught my eye as well.

So that wraps up part 2 of FWC's Burger Chronicles!

Unfortunately now with all of this talk about the burger, I am now craving one!

Thankyou all for reading!

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