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What Am I Doing? ( January Update )

Very belated happy new year to anyone that is reading this, although I think iv said it to you all in person or over messenger by now, originally I started writing this post after I wrote up my car crash chicken soup post on new years day, but life has its ways of occupying your time in other ways. It has however, given me more time to think about wat direction I want to take this page and what I want to cook and write about.

Firstly I best recap what i did to the back end of last year being I never made a post about what i cooked over the Christmas period, I didn't make as much as I wanted too but I was still happy with what I made. I made other things to these but these were there most festive. They were my pig in blanket burger with wensleydale cheese and rocket leaves, halloumi in blankets and my chocolate Christmas cake.

I was treated to some new cook books and props to use over December and the Christmas period, a lot for me to try out and a lot to incorporate into Food With Chewi. I really like tray bakes and simple cooking, making the best of simple ingredients. The fallout book gave me the idea of combining video games and food as a feature for the blog in the future, as you've seen iv started the burger chronicles and food & music, so a gaming one will be done sooner rather than later. I also got a couple of barbecue books so perfect for when summer comes along, I always seem to takeover the family barbecue but they don't seem to mind! and lastly the science of cooking! I'm always willing to learn more about food and everything else in life so I think the knowledge in there will lead to some great results.

Over the past few months I have been thinking of features to have that are important and close to me and will make the blog that little bit more personal. So along with the music and burger features, I thought of doing food in films and food memories. Food in films I started in my forum but I think its strong enough and I can do enough for it to have its on feature on the site, after all there is the big kahuna burger from Pulp Fiction or the Cuban sandwich from Chef. I will also be including food from TV to, so you can bet Breaking Bad's los pollos hermanos fried chicken is at the top of my list. For food memories it will be what links I have for people or places in certain dishes, for example off the the top of my head I think of Liverpool when i have or make tomato and red pepper soup, or having German frinkadellen in rolls with my childhood best friend. (which i'm learning whilst trying to find the name of them, they are a meatball and not a burger, everyday is a school day!)

At the end of next month it will be a year since I started Food With Chewi on Instagram, so I will be doing a few bits and bobs for it then, I have a few ideas i'm working on. Since the new year I started to make something for the national food days through out the year, so far there has been national shortbread day that was on the 6th, and there is Chinese new year coming up in a week so i will be doing a one or two dishes for that.

I think that is it from me for now, I'm going to be doing an update every month about what I have been up to and what ideas I have had or just general points id like to say. So a massive thank you to whoever reads this and takes interest in what I put up on Food With Chewi and on Instagram. I recently reached 150 followers on Instagram so I was pleased about that, I felt I was on 149 for weeks. Anyway that's enough of me waffling on! Talk soon guys.


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