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Uncertain Times (March Update)

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Well.. what can you really say about the craziness that's going on in the world right now. We are living in uncertain times with the current corona virus and the lock-down put to the British people only a few days ago. Shops, businesses and restaurants have all closed their doors temporarily.

Anyway this isn't your virus update from Food With Chewi, although I have seen a couple of positives. Particularly how restaurants adapted & how community's have pulled together and have helped others.

It has been a quiet month for me really compared to January and February, I have got things to post I just need to write them up. I have a food & music post and a food in films post to write up. So stay tuned!

I have spoken to a few people about what they will be cooking whilst in isolation, lets face it is the perfect opportunity to learn some new dishes and trying new things out in the kitchen. One thing I found amazing when I started cooking is taking basic ingredients and making something your proud of.

I have only made a couple of things at home since before the world went mad. I made a nice Guinness and beef stew for St. Patrick's day, and a few snacks like a croissant with a fried egg and chorizo. Also I have been craving pizza recently so instead of commuting to a big one and feeling like the Michelin man, I made a pizza bagel instead!


Despite it being a slower month than the past few I have still been cooking bits and bobs. Above are my highlights of the month and the months not over yet so I bet there will be more uploads to Instagram.

March was good because its my first month with my new logo and as you can see I used my new greaseproof paper and my light!

I have only done two posts on the blog this month and one of those was a recipe and the other was something not so food related, my top 10 albums! You all should know my stance on good music while your cooking, if you haven't checked it out yet then it is on the blog page. The playlist is on my spotify too! Just search for Chewi90 and it will be on there.


Last but not least I have started exercising, a combination of things has led to me finally getting off my arse and doing something active.

Its not really to lose weight or anything like that, It is to get a active and see where it goes. To be clear I am not going for like a full workout routine and strict diet or anything like that, I am just cutting down on crap. Like not drinking a couple bottles of whiskey a week sometimes, numerous litres of coke and a few takeaways a week. When I'll want something I will have it I just wont go crazy.

So yesterday I dusted off my weights from under my bed and had a go with them, the night before I had seen a Joe Wicks video on YouTube that interested me because he used the same type of weights I have. He makes things idiot proof which helps me a lot.

I lasted about 15 minutes I think before I was totally gone, It was like jogging on the spot (the only part I enjoyed!) squats, press ups and some lunges. I think it took me over an hour to recover and I really felt it in my body this morning. Who knew you had muscles in your buttocks?!

But I said I would do a little today so I was brave and went out for a jog, its not so bad out there with people supposedly in lockdown (You know who you are, naughty people).

Less change of being backed over from people leaving their drives but more chance of me getting told off for being outside by Boris or the police, its not as if I am going to be able to outrun them just yet is it!

As you can see I started well for about 700 yards until I had to slow down, but I didn't stop I walked the rest of the way with some short jogs just to push a little.

I watched this video of Tyson Fury speaking about mental health and exercising and stuff, like setting short term and long goals. I think my short term is to not stop, and my long term is to turn most if not all the red to green in the map above. I think with every monthly update I do I will say a little bit about how things are going with it, I will be looking into making healthy snacks and meals too so keep an eye out for that. It will be a good way for me to keep track too.

Hopefully soon I'll be moving quicker than toilet roll out of Tesco!

So that's about it from me for this month, look after each other and follow the rules that's been set out.

Speak to you soon!

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