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Super Sunday! Part 1: Premier League Pastry Swirls

Hello again!

Its time to kick off the first part of Super Sunday!

One thing I love making is buffet food and I thought I could use Super Sunday as a place to make food you'd either have with friends or family, or food you'd have whilst you're walking to the stadium on match day!

For part one I have made some pastry swirls! Now pastry swirls and rock cakes are things I often make because they are both easy to make and very versatile. Now this post covers two flavours I made for separate mini buffets we did.

I have made many variations of the pastry swirls, some savoury and some sweet. Flavours like red & green pesto, Nutella, Biscoff spread and cheesy chilli sauce to name a few.

The first set of flavours are tomato puree, cheese & red onion. So it gives off the margarita pizza taste.

The second flavour combination was made with wholegrain mustard, cheddar cheese, garlic & parsley. They reminded me a lot of cheesy garlic bread!

So that wraps up a short and sweet opening part to Super Sunday!

Thankyou all for reading!

If you have any flavour ideas, leave a comment below!

These are the line ups,

Those are the flavours,


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