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Super Sunday Name Change!

Hello everyone!

A little information update about this feature.

When I started this I did it with the idea of doing football food every Sunday.

As time has passed I have wanted to include other sports into this after the food I made for the six nations a few months ago.

That and putting a post up that says Super Sunday on a Wednesday or Friday is just daft!

So I have had a little think and changed up the name and the logo which coincides with daytime sport (well I think so at least)

I've decided to change the name to Kick Off Cooking!

Its the best I could come up with out of a bunch of terrible names!

This is going to be an exciting feature for me in the coming months as we have the Europa League & Champions League finals. We also have Euro 2020 & the British & Irish lions touring South Africa in July/August.

It has just been a little frustrating with wanting to cook things and then thinking to much into it blar blar blar.

So that's it pretty much, short and sweet!

Thankyou for reading!

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