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Star Wars Day 2! Revenge Of The Fifth

A short time ago

In a kitchen far, far away.

A few days ago it was may the 4th, which is known by most nerds across the galaxy as star wars day! Last year I decided to include star wars day into my kitchen & my blog. This year though, I worked on may the 4th but I was off the day after. So I bring to you the sequel to last years post!

Star wars day 2! Revenge of the fifth!

Last years post was basically about homemade baked beans and the Mandalorian. ( I'll leave the link below )

Since then though there has been the second series of the Mandalorian, which was epic by the way!

I wanted to include this star wars day in my level ups feature as I was going to play a game of some kind.

I did play a little on Bounty Hunter, which follows Jango Fett. Bounty Hunter was realised in the early 2000s on the PS2.

I had a quick go on battlefront 2 on the PS4 but nothing worth talking about. But in the end I started the clone wars, which is an animated series. I've stayed away from it as a part of me thought it wouldn't be very good, but it is pretty decent!

I didn't get very far, only 4 or 5 episodes in but I will definitely be keeping at it! Star wars has one of the most vast universes around with so many characters and such character depth. I was introduced to it from a young age so I have a soft spot for it all.

Thinking briefly I can say that the Batman, Breaking Bad & Naughty Dog worlds are among my favourites as well.

With star wars being recently brought by Disney, they have taken to what Marvel did & announced a generous group of new shows & projects that are being made in the future.

Series that focus on Obi Wan, Boba Fett & Ahsoka! As well as more series of the Mandalorian too!


I cooked up homemade baked beans last year and I wanted to do the same this year but with a minor change or something. However I didn't just make beans this year, I ended up making a trilogy of things!

Starting off with the classic! Chewi's Beanz!

I find with Chewi's Beanz though that they have to have a little meat in which normally results included my using bacon or chorizo. So along with shallots, passata, herbs, paprika, cannellini & red kidney beans. I added chorizo to give it that meaty edge and I got to tell you, they were phenomenal!

It is definitely a favourite and a real comforting meal for me. It also brought back the feeling of when I had it last year, funnily enough the whole process that you feel when eating something that brings back a feeling or memory is explained in breaking bad by Gus Fring who is played by Giancarlo Esposito.

He also plays Moff Gideon in the Mandalorian and it gave me even more reason to watch the series.

Next up and this side was an improvised thing as I was wandering around the supermarket looking for ingredients, I came across a celeriac! A celeriac looks like its from another planet to begin with so I decided to make chips with it!

With a little oil, salt, pepper & fajita seasoning, these were a tasty little side!

And it counts as one of your five a day so Jamie will be happy!

Finally we conclude with a sweet treat!

A few years ago I brought this stormtrooper cup in a clearance section, it served its purpose when I used to go away and I can share with you that its been used for a lot of whiskey and cokes!

This time though I used it to make a very naughty milkshake! Although my first idea was to make a cocktail as it is something I would like to gain more knowledge on the subject as I'm not a cocktail kinda guy!

But anyway my milkshake consisted of dairy milk ice cream & milk (obviously), topped with whipped cream and sliced mini chocolate swiss roll things!

With the helmet on & using some props that have finally proved useful, it looks brutally cool!

So that wraps up this post, this is my first post for a while as after Easter & mania weekend I was a little burnt out from a few things.

But I am gradually getting back into things, I am posting on my Instagram after a few weeks of rest from it.

I am also exploring a few other routes I am looking to take, Literally!

I will explain more most probably in my next blog post, a lot has happened and I have a lot of rambling to put out there!

Thankyou so much for reading! I will talk to you soon!

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