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Something From Nothing! Part 1: The Naan Bread Pizza!

Hello there!

My first entry in my something from nothing feature is a quick and simple idea, a naan bread pizza!

Naan bread pizza is a feel good easy snack, I would also like to see it at a buffet too. I am in to my buffet food so I am always looking for next big and clever thing to use in a buffet.

I had seen the idea a few times on Instagram over the years but I never really thought about doing it, until I found some naan breads in M&S that were perfectly round.

Not only is this idea quick and easy, it is also versatile. You can use all manor of toppings and sauces.

You could use some pepperoni (my favourite), sausage meat, or even pineapple if that is your thing.

I like the idea of making a fry up / cooked breakfast inspired naan bread pizza, so that could be one for the future?

But the point of this feature is to make the most and to get the best out of what you have in the house. So the toppings I used for my naan bread pizza was cheddar cheese, jalapeño, cherry tomatoes, red onion and a fried egg!

Also the sauce used on the base is a bit different to your average pizza sauce. With the sauce I combine tomato puree with the same amount of Balti curry paste, so roughly about a teaspoon of each and mix.

All you really have to do is assemble your pizza and bake it.

If you are using a fried egg then make sure you have the patience to make sure your egg cooks right, It takes a bit longer but it is worth the wait!

When I finished baking the naan, the edges were coloured and crisp, the toppings all melted into the cheese. To finish I drizzled over some garlic mayo & a sprinkling of herbs for a bit of colour.

You can either share this with someone or dig into it all for yourself, I know what I'd do!

So that wraps up the opening post from something from nothing!

What would be your naan bread pizza toppings?

What is your something from nothing dish?

Let me know below or message me on Instagram!

See you all next time!

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