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Something From Nothing!

Hello everyone and welcome to one of my latest and newest features, something from nothing!

Something from nothing is about using what ingredients you have in the house and when you are unsure on what to cook, and making literally something from nothing!

Some dishes can be built quite easily if you have a main ingredient to build around. Things like pasta, any left over veg or a tin of chickpeas that have been forgotten about in the cupboard.

I like the creativeness of making something that tastes amazing from literally anything.

My something from nothing feature was named after a Foo Fighters song with the same title, I find it an inspiring and uplifting song. A song about getting yourself ready to build something from scratch, at least its my take on it anyway.

I will leave the link to the song below if you would like to listen. It will be the opening song in the playlist I will make in the future too, you all know I love making playlists.

The logo I made was also inspired a Foo Fighters logo as well. I think its important to show an appreciation with what inspired you with whatever it is you were doing, without it becoming a bit of a copycat situation.

I have been thinking about doing this feature for a while but yesterday I was on a bit of a roll and ended up starting three new features.

I have my first post idea for part one to something from nothing, It is the naan bread pizza I made yesterday.

So thank you for checking this post out and I will speak to you all soon.

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