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Six Nations!

Hello there!

I am back again with yet another post!

This time out I focus on this years rugby six nations and the food I've done for it over the past few weeks.

I wasn't going to bother writing this up but with there being a high stakes championship decider tomorrow between France & Scotland, I thought why not!

Besides I like making something for TV events whether it is sport or something else like that if you couldn't tell already! I think my Super Sunday and Late Night Snack Attack features highlight that nicely!

Thinking and writing about this post has made me consider about having a feature for food and rugby, but I don't really want to make features that are too similar. I would like them to have their own individuality so I may make Super Sunday about football and rugby, I get a lot more animated and excited about rugby than football. I just find it a lot more exciting, maybe it is because I went to the rugby when I was younger. Who knows?

Anyway, on to the food!

For England's opening game against Scotland at the start of February we only did a few bits, cooking wise I did some chicken tikka drumsticks that had a good few hours of marinating time. Also I made some garlic & lemon chicken bites but that was it in regards to anything that took any real effort. Along with the chicken there was also sausage batches, crisps, spring rolls, samosas & peanuts.

It was about the only thing that was good about the evening because England lost! Not good at all, in fact the whole tournament has been a bit of a write off to be honest.

Moving onto England verses Wales and for that I put a lot more effort into things, being it was Food With Chewi's birthday.

I had seen a video by MOB kitchen of a roast chicken cooked on a can of Guinness and I had been waiting for the chance to to make it so I took that chance. It became a very frustrating day all in all as I think I just gave myself to much to do, and the small matter of knocking the chicken over when I was getting it out of the oven and I lost the majority of the chicken Guinness stock that was the base for my gravy.

In addition to the roast chicken I made some pepperoni pizza roses, some cubed potatoes, coleslaw (made from carrot, cabbage, white onion & apple), and there was some left over prawn crackers from the takeaway we had from the night before.

The chicken itself was really really good! I just learned that I need to have a better plan of taking it out of the oven next time I do it. I tried to leave the link for the video but I couldn't so if you want to check it out, it is on MOB kitchens Facebook page.

For last weekends match with England and Ireland, I wanted to do something a little more simpler as I have made a fair amount of food for Instagram and for a few of my features.

In the end I went with a nice beef stew made with onions, carrots, swede, parsnips, smoked garlic, thyme and a red wine gravy.

It was quite a chunky stew because I didn't want it to turn to mush because it cooked for about 4 hours, the meat was melting though!

I just thought a bowl of that would be nice and warming but as I often do whilst cooking at home, I added a few things to it. I made some mustard and thyme suet dumplings to go on top of it and I also diced up a few potatoes and cooked them with paprika and thyme.

Rugby wise it was a bad game again for England, the game that followed us was brilliant though when France and Wales played.

That all leads us to the Fridays finale, where if France get a bonus point victory against Scotland they will be crowned champions. Where if France either lose or don't get the bonus point win (where you score 4 or more try's) then Wales will be champions.

The match was originally meant to be played at the end of February but it was postponed because of a Covid-19 outbreak in the French camp.

We are having a pizza night for it so we are all ready for when it all kicks off at the Stade de France in Paris.

So that wraps up this little natter of a post.

Thankyou all for reading and I will talk to you next time!

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