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Progressing Slowly (February Update)

My update for this month sees me using the last and extra day of February, I think I am going to do my updates at the end of each month.

As you may have seen, I have changed my logo! I have had it ready for about a month and a half but it has felt so much longer than that. I have had a few bits made too like clothing, kitchen equipment and props I can use for photo's.

I read my January update before I started writing this and I seen at the end that I had just reached 150 followers. Now I am upto over 300!!

I'd like to think its down to the extra work I have done for Instagram and this site. There is always more to do for it tho! Its been a good month in terms of Instagram posts, not so much for blog posts but I have put 3/4 posts up the past couple of days. But looking through my Instagram posts this month, I don't think I have done to badly?

I managed to cook for a few food days this month that included Nutella day and Yorkshire pudding day.

My ideas and aims change on a daily basis and I go too and from different things. I like to have a few plates spinning with whats happening and whats being made.

With the FWC birthday done, I look forward to the next big thing I'm focusing on doing, which happens at the start of April. I don't think there are many food days in march so I will be looking to fill the space up on the calendar with new posts in the features I am doing. I would like to add a few more posts to the burger chronicles, food in films and food memories as I only have one post on each of them.

I'm also aiming to get a few more recipes up so if there are any recipes you'd like to see then let me know below!


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