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Progress (April Update)

Hello everybody!

I hope your all keeping well & safe in lockdown, or if your braving the outside world. Its that time of the month where I brief you on whats been going on with me and whats been happening with FWC!

I have a few points and updates to make on this post because again like last month I haven't made many blog posts. But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy!

So lets begin!


As I said I haven't made many blog posts but I will go through the ones that are up.

First off are Chewi's Beanz. I was craving baked beans one night, as its one of my go to comfort meals. So I went against things I have said about homemade beans and I made some. After scouting YouTube for recipes and tips, I made up a decent batch and i was pleasantly surprised! I even took the left overs to work the next day, I had them early too, at about 6:50 I would say and I never eat early so it was a real test. Next time tho I want some chorizo or something meaty included.

Next was Food & Music part 5, which was my second post about the White Lies/White Hag collaboration beer and using it in my cooking. Part 2 was beer battered chicken balls, with a spicy coleslaw with sriracha mayonnaise. The idea was to reference the White Lies song Tokyo with the Japanese spices used. They were nice but personally I preferred the onion rings I did for part 1. As I said in the actual post, I have had an idea for part 3 of unfinished business and now I can say. Part 3 I will be attempting pizza, with the dough made from the beer, so lookout for that one.

Lastly I made my second food memories post! Which was about record store day and cheese fest which I went to last year. There is not a lot to say about it because all the details are on the post. I only really was able to make the grilled cheese sandwich I had while I was at cheese fest but I will make a few of the other bits when the worlds calmed down.


Looking through at what I actually did this month was surprising because I have made more than I thought. My main thing this month was the Easter weekend, where there were a lot of firsts. The two main things being was roasting a duck which we had for our Easter lunch, and making hot crossed buns for the first time. The duck was pretty straight forward but the buns, they pushed my limits in all manor of ways. But the end result was something special!

A nice little thing happened too on Easter Sunday after I went to battle in the kitchen, I reached 400 followers on Instagram which was lovely. In fact over the past week or so I have spoken to loads of people about their pages and there are few that have been born out of being in quarantine. I always like to see the positive no matter how bad the situation is, so its nice to see.

Also with Instagram I had my first page go onto 50 like which was a steak bagel I did a few nights ago. Like counting shouldn't be important but I see it as signs of progress, I think my highest post before that was like 45 or something from a cake platter for mothers day last year.


Last month I mentioned about how I started exercising and I was excited to see how things would look in my first month of doing it. But its not been a perfect month with it because I started well and I hurt my knee and it kept me away from doing it for nearly 2 weeks! But I started back up yesterday and went again today, I will let you judge my results between my first run and today's.

As you can see I am nearly 5 minutes quicker! And that is not even my best time! My best time is 14 minutes and 11 seconds but that was the run before I hurt myself. But I am pleased regardless, when I can run the whole route I will increase the distance. I think the level I am eyeing is being able to run 5 km, you can see where I am stopping and that is because that part is a hill and I am finding that my legs don't like hills very much. But eventually I should be able to beat it. I look forward to seeing this time next month with it, my knees will probably fall off now.

I have kept up with the decent eating, not having much junk and hardly any alcohol!

If I make significant progress with it all I will do a post about what I am exercising I am doing, what I am eating and things like that.

One thing I will share now is my new favourite thing to have. Bran with Greek yogurt! Normally bran flakes are good enough to have on their own but I had this weird bran stuff that were like twigs. Tasted like twigs as well! But yeah I have this nearly every day I would say, if not after my run it is in the evening after work when I want to snack and don't want to eat the wrong stuff.

(In the picture they are bran flakes its because I finished the box of twigs last night)

Although my weight wasn't a big reason for me doing this, I have lost a little! I am down from 14 stone to 13 stone 6 lbs. One or two people at work have noticed little changes but I think they just want food from me!


Lastly for this months update, I was talking to a friend about Chinese takeaway food. So I decided yesterday to make a menu and when all this mess has cleared up, I'm going to make it! So that's something to look forward too!

I have done Chinese takeaway food at work and for my family and its a unique thing to cook because its something that brings people and family's together for a big pig out. I don't know any other form of food that does that in that way.

I have also made menus before both at work and for people to cook for outside of work. I quite enjoy doing it to be honest.

So let me know when you want to book a table! 😂

So that is it for this month, next month I have a few ideas for my features but we will see if I can do them. I have another food memory in mind, part 3 of unfinished business for my food & music section and a long overdue food in films post. I could do that one now as I have already cooked it. But when I was having a clear out I found the very thing that inspired the idea, and it wouldn't be right to post it without that. but I will leave a little hint for you all!

Take care everyone, stay safe and look after each other.


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