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My Top Ten Albums!

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Now this is a bit of a different post from me. Another top ten but not including food this time! I thought about doing this post because I have made more food & music posts than any other of my features. Its also a bit more into an insight to me and what I listen too because I'd say apart from cooking, music is the next thing in line that I am interested in. Maybe further on down the line I will do a top ten for films & games or even music singles but for now!

This is my top ten albums!


10. U2 - How to dismantle an atomic bomb.

I was into U2 a lot when I was in my later school years. From maybe about 2004 to 2006 they were my favourite band and I was mad about the band. I brought CD's, books and DVDs. Later on I'd buy the vinyl versions of course! Out of all of their albums this is the most influential to me. Back when I used to watch music videos, The song City of blinding lights is incredible!

Their songs Iv heard at the football and represent a few experiences I had in school. This almost didn't make the cut but i couldn't leave it out. Instead it was a Stereophonics album that never made it on.


9. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory & Meteora.

I'm afraid there are 2 albums for number 9 because its impossible to choose between them. I can remember the first time I heard Linkin Park. It was when in the end was out there in the charts and at the time I was big on Limp Bizkit's rollin & my way, because of the wrestling (Yes I listened to Limp Bizkit when I was 11, But they were cool at the time). I was shown it by my dad and he said these are miles better than what you listen too.

He was right! Maybe I didn't think so at the time but Linkin Park were something else. I listened to these albums non stop when I was 12/13 because it was what the people listened too who I used to go out to hang out with. For a while we just played need for speed underground on the PS2 and listened to Linkin Park and Blink 182 very loudly. I think its why my hearing isn't so good.

LP's songs Numb, Breaking the habit & Points of authority are just a few of amazing songs from both albums. If you haven't listened, go for it! They opened up a lot of different ways of thinking for me and I have a lot of memories tied to them.


8. Kasabian - Velocirapor!, 48:13 & For Crying Out Loud.

Again it was hard for me to decide on one album by Kasabian. Kasabian for me haven't done a bad album. Not that the other bands I listen too have, its just every time they release something its amazing and that slightly bit different. Thinking about it I'd pick the 48:13 album because its so cool but the other two deserve the mention.

Songs I would recommend Days are forgotten, Eez-eh & You're in love with a psycho are my favourite songs out of each album. They have made some amazing kitchen anthems.

I hear they are working on an album for this year but with how things have been recently, lets just play it by ear.

Last year I managed to go and see The S.L.P. Which is Sergio's side project.


7. Eminem - Curtain Call.

For me Eminem is the best artist of all time. That's a big thing to say and people will agree and disagree and that's cool.

As controversial as he is and some of the comments hes made over the years, he is entertaining and for me he wrote and made one the best songs ever, Lose Yourself!

I had to go for his hits album because that song had to be included otherwise it would of been his encore album.

He has made more albums after that so there will be another hits album one day. I'm liking his latest song Godzilla at the moment, watch the video for it. Its amazing at the end!


6. Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare.

I remember getting this album with a HMV voucher I got from a mate for my 18th birthday. I hadn't really listened to them before I brought it. I only really got it because she recommended it and there wasn't anything out at the time.

The whole album is a masterpiece! Brainstorm wakes you up straight away as the opening track and Fluorescent Adolescent I'd say was the hit single from the album. It always makes me smile! Also the 505 song at the end is beautiful.


5. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

Half way there!! and next is a very underrated album! Not seeing Gorillaz while they were touring this album is probably my biggest regret in not seeing an act. I have spoke about this album before on Food & Music part 3.

They formed a super band with supporting acts for each song and pretty much had half of The Clash join them on the album and tour.

I think any of the albums coming up from now could be number one. The story the Gorillaz tell aswell is pretty awesome. I think since the Demon Dayz album they have been telling a story with the characters from the band.


4. Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

I don't know where to start with this album or with Joy Division in general. This album was released in the late 70's and its the amazing mind bending thought that something was made just over 10 years before I was born and yet could influence my life in so many different ways. If you've listened and if you know the story of the lead singer Ian Curtis. You'll know he went through dark times and that shows through his genius & haunting lyrics. After his suicide in 1980, the rest of the band formed the iconic New Order. (who I'm seeing on my 30th birthday this year, pending we don't hit the apocalypse before then!)

There has been films made about Ian and Joy Division but ones I would recommend is Control & 24 Hour Party People. If your a music lover then I would deflationary recommend the films and album.

I also have thought and said many times that I want the album artwork tattooed on my body somewhere. Maybe one day!

This is one of my rarest albums in my collection because I have my dads original release from 1979, its in decent condition too.


Before I go into my top three, here are a few honourable mentions!


White Lies - Five & Big TV.

I think according to Spotify last year, White Lies were my most listened to artist but I think none of the albums feature in my top 10 because they don't exactly represent good times for me. Although their music is truly special. As you will have seen, White Lies have inspired me in my Food & Music feature and there is another post on the way.

Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding.

Liam was the first to strike when Oasis split up a just over a decade ago. He took the rest of the band when Noel went his separate way to form his High Flying Birds later on. Liam came out with his Beady Eye band and released a brilliant album. I went to see them in Birmingham when they were touring the album. It was a shock because I was unknowingly in the mosh pit zone.

Timbaland - Shock Value.

I got into this album when I was going into my first year of college or last year of school. I think I took and interest in the rest of the album to impress a girl (Oh dear). I remember having it on my MP3 player (Remember them?), and sharing a headphone each on the bus to and from college. The major song from the album that got me into timbaland was The Way I Are.

The Last Shadow Puppets - Everything You've Come to Expect.

The LSP are a band made up of Arctic Monkeys front-man Alex Turner and Miles Kane. People look at me weird when I say this but this album is a sexy album. I think what got me into them apart from who was in the group, was a song I heard at a festival they were at. I love the album artwork too!

The Courteeners - St. Jude: Re-Wired.

St Jude: Re-Wired was a softer, matured, acoustic version of their debut album. It was released to honour the 10 year anniversary of the album. What I'm about to say has been seen as unpopular when I've said it but I prefer this album to the original. Its just beautiful.

Stereophonics - Language, Sex, Violence, Other?

I originally wanted the Dakota single from this album but I had the album instead. You know how it is where you listen to a song and you let it run over and slowly you know the next song and the next song and so on.

Chase and Status - No More Idols.

I like acts like Chase and Status because they collaborate with so many different artists. In no more idols they made songs with White Lies, Tinie Tempah and Cee Lo Green. But for me the best song they've done is a song called End Credits which was made with Plan B. The song was used in a film called Harry Brown, which was brilliant.

Plan B - The Defamation of Strickland Banks.

Speaking of Plan B, the defamation of strickland banks should of been a film or a musical or something along those lines because the album and the music videos tell a story about a celebrity's fall from fame into prison. This album was a step away from his hip-hop style of music. A real classic album and probably the only one from this list that I don't have on vinyl.


3. Tears For Fears - Elemental.

There are so many brilliant album opening tracks and Elemental is no different. Its quite rare too on vinyl but I received it as a gift a few years ago. Again I owe this album like to my Mum and Dad listening to it when I was younger. I think its very important to play decent music for your kids at a young age, I know if I ever have kids I will be making sure there's something decent on in the background. Rest assured I will be keeping the collection under lock and kept away from any toddlers so they don't end up into tiny pieces.


2. The Courteeners - Falcon.

If I could share top spot between albums then Falcon would be there with my number one. Last year I was lucky enough to get the record store day re-release of this album. The original press was going for hundreds of pounds and I was considering getting one that was both in good condition and overpriced. You overdid it doll is the song of all songs from this album. Probably out of all the albums I own have sought after, I cherish this one the most because it is one I never thought I would own.


1. Editors - The Weight Of Your Love.

Everything about this album is perfection, I don't there will be another album it will ever be beat this. I was lucky enough to be at the album launch in the summer of 2013 in an intimate gig in Shoreditch, east London. It was so warm and stuffy in there. It was in the prime of summer and it was a day after Editors played Glastonbury, so they were buzzing. Especially the frontman Tom Smith. I remember hearing the single A Ton Of Love for the first time, I sat and listened to the radio when they played it for the first time. I cant single out songs from the album because they are all amazing. I brought the record when it was released and I got a signed print with it too by the band, as crazy as it sounds I have never actually played the record. I'm either gonna wait until a magic moment happens or it will stay unplayed. I worn out my CD version of it tho (which was also signed). If I could recommend an album to anyone it would be this, the opening track is an amazing driving song and reminds me of the start of the original Italian Job. Also a song at the end called the phonebook which should of featured on the Walking Dead. I could talk forever about the album and the band, so I can tell you now I will be listening to this when I have finished and put this post out there into internet land.


So that was my top ten with some extras thrown in there for good measure. It was something away from food but I made a playlist on Spotify with some of the best song from all the albums I have talked about including the extra mentions.

If you have Spotify just search my user which is Chewi90 or search the playlist name which I will put below, apologies for the gormy gallagher profile photo. It seemed cool at the time. All songs are in order from top spot to the extra mentions at the bottom, if you don't fancy listening to it in its entirety then just hit the shuffle button and get out into your kitchens and make some magic!

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