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Liverpool & The Best Burger Ever

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Anyone that knows me, knows that I like Liverpool. I like the food, the scenery, the lively city centre, the massive influence on music, the various histories, the landmarks, the football stadiums, the hotels and the shopping centres. In fact I like almost everything about it..... Accept the red football team of Liverpool, I don't mind the blue side of Liverpool.

If you've ever been then you know there's a lot to like and even more to do. I have visited recently because it was my partners birthday, and as a surprise, I booked the penthouse suite in our favourite hotel, The Liner.

Now the purpose of this post is to say what I got up to. But mainly it is because of a burger I had up there. I am convinced that its the best burger I have had in my life so far, and I have eaten a fair few in my time believe me.

But we will get to that.

We only stayed up there for one night this time, but we still did a fair bit. We set off quite later on in the day to what we usually do, I'm from the west midlands so up to Liverpool your looking at about a couple of hours journey at least. We left later and payed the price for it 4 HOURS!! it took us to get up there. With work traffic, motorway lanes closed, roadworks and the odd freak occurrence, it all seemed to happen.

By the time we arrived we had had enough, so we got checked in to the secret (to some) penthouse suite, we were walked up and shown the room by the hotels concierge and told its features and perks. Which included: Two 50 inch TVs, a Jaqusi bath and a free mini bar. (which we took advantage of straight away!)

We booked a table for dinner and ate, I had the soup of the day which was tomato and red pepper, and the showtime burger, which was a beef burger topped with pepperoni, honey BBQ sauce and Swiss cheese with fries, onion rings and a slaw. My partner had a meatball starter which came in a tomato, garlic and basil sauce with Parmesan croutons and honey and sesame glazed salmon with spring onion, pak choi rice and a sweet plum sauce.

We also squeezed in a pudding as we were on our way to getting tipsy so I had a lovely rich sticky toffee & my partner had chocolate fudge cake.

If you've ever stopped at the liner, the highlight food wise is always the breakfast. Its a breakfast buffet with all types of things including a full English, cereals, pastries, fresh fruit and continental meats and cheeses.

After breakfast we made the most of the room before checking out before taking a walk into Liverpool.

We always visit Liverpool one which is a shopping centre. At the top of Liverpool one on the terrace, there are a selection of restaurants including: Wagamama, Zizzi, Nandos & Pizza Express.

But we go to GBK, the gourmet burger kitchen. This is where I had the best burger! So after some shopping around the one, we grabbed a bite to eat in GBK.

I like the pop culture references on the menu, they had burgers called the rocketman and major tom. But I wasn't that adventurous as I went for the classic bacon & cheese, cooked medium rare. Now before we ever ate at GBK we had never been asked how I would like my burger cooked, I always assumed it was well done all the time. But trust me it makes a lot of difference, if you like it rarer that is.

Now my burger came with crispy bacon, american cheese, BBQ sauce, house mayo, dill pickle, and salad.

It was sensational, simply put.

With working in kitchens and foodie environments, when i'm dining out i cant help but glance a few times to see whats going on, its like when I ever eat out I like to see the kitchen. (if its an open servery)

I'm not weird or anything I promise, I don't just sit there and stare out the staff. I just like to see whats going on. I like the fast paced environment.

After the burger we went to Cheshire oaks for some retail theory, which was nice as the Christmas decorations and things were out. As it got to darker the place was lit up quite well.

I just had the 2 hour journey drive home to think about that burger.

I will be recreating it soon. I can promise you all that!

Whats the best burger you've ever had? or best dish? Let me know in the comments below.

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