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Level Ups! Part 3:The Nightmare Pizza

Hello there again everyone!

Previously on level ups, I wrote about a cake I received for my 30th birthday. The cake was the face of Freddy Fazbear from the Five Nights At Freddy's games.

That cake pushed me into making something I wanted to make for a while! A themed FNAF pizza night, because the game is set in a pizzeria. Lucky for me my friend Sarah, who baked me the cake was happy to help me!

The plan was for us to make a pizza each and to play FNAF on the PlayStation! As I was buying the game though I found another creepy looking game, Little Nightmares. Little Nightmares is like a puzzle/platform horror game.

Now I've not played many horror games, I've played games like Until Dawn & The Dark Pictures games. I've also played one or two resident evil games too, but I have my limits. There are some games I will go nowhere near!

You play as a hungry young girl and almost all of Little Nightmares takes place on a ship known as The Maw. Seemingly rich visitors take a ship to a island for the sole purpose of indulging their appetites. Every single guest in Little Nightmares is an obese person with an appetite for any kind of meat, including children.

Throughout the game you come into contact with with some unfriendly characters. Characters like the blind, long armed janitor, who caused us a lot of bother!

The game was pretty awesome and raised our pulses a few times, with the janitor popping up every so often. There was also the guests we had to escape from later on in the game and the chubby cooks as well! But arguably for me, the freakiest of the characters was the mysterious lady towards the end of the game. A character who watches you, hiding in plain site with roomfuls of scattered mannequins as you continue escape.

Onto the pizza's!!!

With the pizza's we decided to make a pizza each and pick our own toppings. We have a history of making awesome food! The philly cheesesteak pizza, massive sandwiches & chicken curry kebabs to name a few! We even made some kale chips, a bit different for us but we really enjoyed them with some extra veggies.

I think the only difference with our pizza's is that I had a lot of pepperoni on mine! Our pizza toppings were chicken, red onion, mozzarella, red leicester & chilli cheese.

I thought of the nightmare pizza name because in FNAF there are versions of the animatronics but they look a lot more decomposed and nastier, and they are called the nightmare versions. That and the fact we played a game called Little Nightmares just confirmed to me that it was the right choice.

Sticking with the nightmare name, I also have funko pop vinyl figures of the characters and kept them so one day I could use them as props for my pictures.

In the brighter future, we have plans to eventually play the FNAF games, along with Little Nightmares 2!! Which I cannot wait to play, I've watched the trailer and it looks freaky!

We also have some awesome food ideas to create, like our legendary beef curry that is a cornerstone of our friendship but that will probably feature on my Food Memories part of the site.

Also on the list is the Harley Quinn's egg sandwich from the Birds of prey film!

That just about wraps up this part of level ups, I am not quite sure what post is coming next on this feature.

Thankyou all for reading!

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