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Level Ups! Part 1: The Quest For The Soup Pot

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

My first feature from Level Ups is from LEGO Lord Of The Rings on the PS3.

Aside from this game, there has been some amazing games made about lord of the rings. Titles on PS2, PS3 and PC stand out particularly for me. There is also a couple of good food scenes too from the original trilogy.

This post originally gave me the idea for making a food/video game combo feature. I wont go too much into detail but basically there was a silly side mission from the game that became a massive talking point between a friendship that was growing for me with someone I met in my first placement on my cooking apprenticeship 7/8 years ago.

It's not even a side mission really, its just something you've got to find in a replay of a main mission when the games been completed.

The task is finding a soup pot that's been lost by a hobbit in Bree. Now I'll admit with all the talk and jokes we made about it, we never ever found it.

So this post isn't about food from the game but my friends favourite soup which is tomato and chorizo, which was exciting because I have never made it before and chorizo is one of my favourite ingredients to use in recent months. I mean I have used it with pasta, salmon, sea bass and chicken.

The soup included tomatoes, chorizo, red pepper, red onion, basil, stock, seasoning and potatoes.

I also fried a few tomatoes, a little chorizo and used it as a little garnish with some basil leaves on top of the soup. It was nice because the chorizo didn't fully blend up, so you'd have a lovely chunk of chorizo in nearly every spoonful.

This is by far one of most tastiest soups I have made and I cant wait to make it again!

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