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Late Night Snack Attack!! Part 7: Main Event BLT & Booty O Bars!

Hello there!

I am back after night 2 of WrestleMania!

Night 2 was good and I'd say I preferred it over night 1 but then again I was a bit sleepy. Night 2 had the matches I was mainly watching for anyway.

Determined to stay awake, I am pleased to say I did throughout! I had a few close calls though towards the end so I had to stand up and move about whilst watching!

The night got off to a stressful start because whilst I was busy in the kitchen I had the pre show on and my account on the network decided to log out. Do you think I could get logged back in? You guessed it, I couldn't!

Luckily I managed to a few minutes before the show started, once the food was on sorted and on the table. My mood wouldn't of been the best if I went through the effort of all this and I missed the start!

Night 2 started off in a surprising way with the Orton/Fiend match, which I predicted it would be before a couple of matches before last.

The Fiend Bray Wyatt has been a character I've been interested in ever since it debuted a couple of years ago. Bray Wyatt himself has had brilliant gimmicks & characters in the form of a cult leader, children's TV entertainer & unkillable horror villain.

I'll admit the storyline he has been involved in recently has been a bit beyond silly, returning last night after his character was set on fire.

Last night the Fiend shed his charred and burned look, appearing with a clean white mask, rising from inside a huge Jack-in-the-box as part of his entrance. It was pretty cool to be honest and I couldn't stop watching.

During the match, Wyatt paid a tribute to the late Brodie Lee/Luke Harper, who passed away last December. Wyatt & Lee were close friends in real life and worked together on the cult gimmick.

Some of the other wrestlers did too but I guess I looked out for Bray's tribute more because they were close.

I touched on celebrity appearances in my post yesterday, last night youtuber Logan Paul was featured in night 2 of mania. He didn't have a lot to do really compared to Bad Bunny, but he did get a stunner from Kevin Owens which he took really well. With the force that Owens dropped at, it made Logan almost do a forward flip. It was funny to watch so fair play to Logan for getting involved like that.

The fans did boo Logan though, the same can be said with Hulk Hogan as well by fans during his opening promo. I think that was down to Hogan's history. In 2015 Hogan was caught making racist remarks as part of a sex tape, he was fired by WWE & removed from their hall of fame. He went back to work for WWE in 2018 but its clear to see the fans haven't forgotten, same goes with a lot of the talent on the roster also as they voiced their objection to Hogan coming back.

He co-hosted mania with Titus O'Neil and for me personally I would of just has Titus host it by himself, he is professional & well liked by the fans.

I think this chance WWE took to try and get Hogan back over with fans has backfired.

Rhea Ripley won her first title on the main roster last night also! Like Cesaro, I have a soft spot for Ripley as she was at Takeover: Cardiff. She was actually on the pre show so her ascendency to the top of the company is wonderful to see.

Speaking of wonderful things to see, Kane going into the hall of fame ticked that box. I remember Kane when I first started watching all those years ago.

The Riddle & Sheamus match was hard hitting with a well timed ending, Sheamus managing to kick Riddle why he was airborne mid way through a moonsault. I think he bit his tongue or something during because his face was a right mess after.

I will touch on the main event before I go onto the food!

The main event was a dream match, It was a triple threat between Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan & Edge. I say a dream match in the way of its a selection of performers as well as this match seemed impossible at many a time.

Each of these men have had their careers severely threatened over the years. Edge retired back in 2011 because of a neck injury but returned 9 years later after being medically cleared.

Daniel Bryan retired in 2016 after suffering concussion related seizures but returned in 2018.

Finally Roman Reigns took time away from the ring in 2018 because of leukemia, he announced his remission 4 months later after this announcement. He had been battling with leukemia for 11 years when he made his announcement.

They gave Reigns the win in dominant fashion, I believe they will pair him with The Rock this time next year for mania in Dallas.


I made two things for night 2!

I'll start off with the booty O bars!!

Booty O's is a cereal made by a trio called the new day, as I'm thinking on how to explain it all it shows how random the concept is.

Basically they are cereal bars made with cheerio's!

To make the bars I also added peanut butter, honey and chopped snickers, I went for snickers because they are a main sponsor for mania.

To make, I warmed up the peanut butter & honey and folded in the cheerio's and snickers, Then it is just the case of pressing the mix down in a lined tray.

Ideally you'll want to freeze the tray for half hour but I had no room in the freezer so I just left the tray in the fridge for a few hours, they are a bit flexible after time out of the fridge but they managed to stay together.

I was able to use my new day pop vinyl figures as props for these bars, it is the only reason I have kept them but now they have served their purpose they have been added to the ever growing eBay pile.

I also made a BLT sandwich with added mozzarella, sliced pickles and BBQ sauce.

I thought making a big sandwich would be a good idea because of mania being held in Raymond James Stadium, the same place as the super bowl (Obviously I made a sandwich for that also).

The bread I used was an olive ciabatta, ciabatta's are my go to bread for making sandwiches!

It was a pretty simple sandwich to make! I cooked off the bacon and toasted the bread slightly, layered a little BBQ sauce and added the bacon & cheese before putting it back in the oven for a few minutes.

Then I added sliced tomato, rocket leaves & the pickle slices.

Now I'm not a pickle person as I have said many times, but I just thought it would go well together. The crunch from the pickle was quite satisfying and it made all the difference.

I couldn't eat it all, so there was some left for my lunch this afternoon, lucky me!

So that wraps up WrestleMania weekend from me!

Night 2 trumped night 1, although night 1 was good I just preferred last night.

Being things have been a bit hectic for me recently, I have decided I am going to take a mini break away from FWC & the social media side of things. I'll still be on to reply to messages, its just the posting of things for a week or so. I will still cook, bake, take photos and jot down ideas for future posts. I also have a couple of new features I need to plan for as well as well as more post for the current features I have.

I will be definitely back for Star Wars day on May the 4th, and there's St George's day before that.

Thankyou all for reading and getting this far!

I'll speak to you all soon.

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