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Late Night Snack Attack!! Part 6: Mania Loaded Naan Bread!

Hello there!

I am back once again for another round of Late Night Snack Attack!

Its WrestleMania weekend!!

WrestleMania headlines a hectic week on the wrestling calendar, with months of storyline building that leads up the show of shows finally comes to a conclusion.

This years mania is held in front of fans for the first time in over a year, up to 25,000 I had seen somewhere.

The venue was last years intended destination, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Home to recent super bowl champions! The Buccaneers!

It worked out well really because they had fans back for the super bowl in that very stadium, so any amendments they had to make to improve the COVID safety aspect of things could be done easily.

With mania being held in the Buccs stadium, they kept with the pirate themes. The set they made looks brilliant!

After waiting for over a year to perform in front of fans, everyone performing and watching had to wait a little longer due to bad weather.

It was delayed for about half hour/40 minutes, whilst the production team and talent scrambled about to fill the delay time.

Seeing Samoa Joe in a rain poncho was worth the delay alone!

I wanted to do a mania post last year but never got on to it, much like Easter really but this year I have pushed on and made sure I got it sorted.

While I started writing this up yesterday evening I put the Conor Benn/Samuel Vargas fight, on the undercard I got enthralled in the Shannon Courtenay/Ebaine Bridges fight. It's the best boxing I've watched in a good while.

I would of watched it all up to the main event but I had places to be.

I had to get the food ready by 1am at the very latest as the main show started at that time, with the preshow starting at midnight but that was pretty much all talking & going over the line up of matches for night 1.

The delay took its toll on me as I was doing the nodding donkey motion throughout the night, that's what happens when you skip having coffee!

I had just finished my string of shifts at work & I lasted until about half 4 until I decided to call it a night so it wasn't to bad.

There are a few promotional matches over mania weekend where WWE include popular names from the outside world to promote and perform. Names like Tyson Fury, Machine Gun Kelly & Donald Trump ( A very weird combination of names there!).

Last nights appearance was from rapper Bad Bunny, who has been involved in a growing storyline over the past couple of months.

His match and time in WWE is being touted as one of best celebrity appearances ever.

Tonight, the announced celebrity appearance is from youtuber Logan Paul. With mania it wouldn't surprise me if there was any surprise celebrity appearances, we will just have to stay tuned.

Night 1 of mania was decent from what I remember of it, like I say I was nodding off. With the rain delay just before it started, it caused a few slips and slides throughout the night. It made the ring ropes slippery in the ring so that put me on edge a little.

Poor Mandy Rose slipped over during her entrance but she recovered well from it.

A few highlights for me, Cesaro had his first mania singles match after being in the company for about 10 years. He was given the win too which was great to see and well deserved! I have a soft spot for Cesaro because he made a special appearance at NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff. The reaction of hearing his music back then gives me goosebumps to this day, that and remembering the crowds reaction as well.

Shane McMahon was written into a storyline for mania! Whenever Shane is featured in a feud for mania he ends up doing something on the daredevil side. Over the years he was jumped off some pretty high things. Considering he isn't technically a wrestler, he performs some incredible stunts and this year was no different! The now 51 year old was involved in a cage match and as predicted, he went flying off the top on to the ring mat below.

Standing at 7 foot 3 inches, the giant Omos had his debut match as well last night, it was a pretty freakish sight to see someone that big in the ring.

Rumble winner Bianca Belair won her first main title in the main event was great to see. Well I say great to see, I had thrown the towel in half way into that match because I couldn't keep my eyes open. I went back and watched the finish though.


I had the food ready for about half 12 so that left plenty of time to eat it and get settled for the opening.

I toyed with a load of ideas for mania week, but after a lot of brainstorming I came up with some tasty decisions!

For the Saturday I wanted to make something quick because of me working through the day, so I came up with something I have never seen before, a loaded naan bread!

My two ideas for the Saturday were a chicken tikka curry or loaded fries! So in the end I went for a combination of the two.

Naan bread, chips & curry! You cant go wrong!

Before you start sending me piggy emojis, I made this to share! Although I think I could of easily tackled this all by myself.

Like I say I was originally going to make a curry with rice and a naan but I couldn't imagine that you'd be able to buy that at a baseball stadium, but loaded fried on top of a big naan, I'd buy one!

I'm ready to do it all again tonight for night 2 of mania! I have already got the majority of stuff I need to do prepared for tonight being I am off work today so I have had more time to organise things. Things like getting a couple of props out for the photos, small details like that really.

Rest assured though, if I feel like I'm heading towards the nodding donkey motions then I'll make sure the kettle goes on!

Tonight I will be making a big BLT sandwich, with a few added extras! As well as something else but I will save that for tomorrows post when I write it up.

This wraps up night 1 of mania, I will be back very soon with what I cooked and what I thought of night 2.

Thankyou all for reading!

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