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Late Night Snack Attack!! Part 4: Royal Scones!

Hello there!

This time on late night snack attack, I bring a different and slightly controversial topic to the table!

Tonight is the long anticipated interview of the duke and duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry & Meghan.

The interview is lead by legendary American talk show host, Oprah Winfrey.

I have seen a few of the topics covered in the interview as well as a few clips, it looks like a bit of an expose of royal life and life inside the palace walls.

I have already had a fix of royal TV as I watched the new Coming 2 America today, which I thought was quite good. As dreaded as long awaited sequels are! I think it lived up to the hype.

Now this, like many other controversial topics it has divided a lot of people's opinion's.

Some people that think the earth is flat, the moon landing was filmed in a studio or this pandemic we are in isn't real.

That's human nature I'm afraid, we as people have our own theories and thoughts and that we know exactly what is going on with something we have no involvement in.

I mean, my brother thinks Coventry City are the best football team in the midlands. So people can come out with some crazy statements!

But I get it, sometimes if your gut is telling you something, you have to stand by it because you never know, your gut feeling may be right!

But on this page & blog I only care about the topic food! (Mostly)

I decided to make some cherry scones! I guess growing up I always regarded tea and scones as being 'posh'.

Unexciting and very easy to think of, but I only came up with the idea of writing about this about 5 hours ago!

I am finding that I am having my ideas very close to the featured event.

I was actually contemplating doing a late night snack attack post for an AEW event that was in the early hours of this morning but I decided against it.

With it being short notice I have neither jam or cream, but I decided adding the glace cherries to make them a little less plain. So I will be using butter when I get round to eating them.

I think including this in the late night snack attack feature was a bit on the funny side for me, I guess I have put it down to the late night TV theme. But saying that I am aware that most of the subjects covered will be no laughing matter.

I feel this interview could be significant and is remembered for a good while, much like princess Diana's interview in 1995. But I was too young to remember that.

Now myself and my family wouldn't call ourselves royalists but I have kept an interest in British history. Especially for me Princess Diana & Margret Thatcher.

Which led me to be interested in the latest series of The Crown, which I quite enjoyed it and I did additional research on certain things & events. I understand that The Crown isn't 100% factually correct but it provided a detailed view of things at that time.

In fact I found asking my Mum and Dad about that time was a good insight, learning things I didn't even know about them.

For instance my Dad told me of how went down to London to sign the public book of condolence for Diana when she died. He signed it from himself, me and my younger brother, so my name is in that book somewhere. He also told me details of what he saw, his journey and stuff like that.

So that wraps up this round of Late Night Snack Attack!

If you watch this evenings interview and want to chat, then drop me a message.

If you have a better, more royal dish I should of done, also message me!

Also I couldn't think of a more witty name for the title so I played it safe, I am open to hear better suggestions but please be tasteful!

Thanks for reading!

I think I will be back at the weekend with a Super Sunday post.

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