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Late Night Snack Attack!! Part 2: Super Bowl Sandwich!

Its super bowl Sunday!

Super bowl 55 sees the Tampa Bay Buccaneers welcome defending champions the Kansas City Chiefs to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida!

I return also with my second annual food post that covers the super bowl!

A quick reminder but last year I made some food for the showdown between the San Francisco 49ers & the Chiefs!

The game sets up G.O.A.T vs baby G.O.A.T! (Greatest Of All Time)

Quarterbacks Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes!

Brady was Signed by the Buccaneers last year with a 50 million dollar 2 year contract after spending 19 years with the New England Patriots, winning 6 super bowls.

At 43 years old, Brady will set a record of 10 super bowl appearances when he plays.

Mahomes is highly tipped to be the number 1 quarterback in the NFL when Brady retires, if not before then!

At the young age of 25 he already has a super bowl ring to his name, aiming to add a second. It will cause a lot of headlines I feel if he steals the show away from Brady.

Both teams have many talented players but I know more players from the Buccs rather than the Chiefs.


For super bowl Sunday I was debating what to make.

I've had a few weeks to think about this. I was going to go down the route I went last year and I was going to make a dish famous from Tampa to reference the Buccs, and use last years Chiefs post.

But in the end I decided to make a super bowl sandwich!!

I did over think it at first but in the end I said sod it and I decided to make a sandwich I would love to eat!

So I started with a ciabatta loaf! Not just any ciabatta loaf though! It is an M&S ciabatta loaf.

This ciabatta I have used a few times now for a sandwich, I think I have made a couple of cheese steak sandwiches before so it is tried and tested!

I went for two types of cheese (of course!) red leicester & cheddar cheese. I do with I brought some mozzarella instead of the cheddar though! But that was just a mistake on my part.

Headlining the sandwich is ALOT of steaky bacon & sliced chicken breasts, fried and covered in barbecue sauce!

Once stacked, the sandwich will be warmed in the oven so the cheese melts. Then I will add some greenery in some shredded iceberg lettuce and sliced tomato.

Now how much of the actual game I am going to see is undecided. The game is kicking off at about 11.30pm UK time, I had a late one last Sunday when I watched the royal rumble.

So I will play it by ear I think.

As for the prediction on who will win, my heart says the Buccs and my head says the chiefs, I think it will be close.

A few last minute points before I go!

There will be around 25,000 fans attending which surprised me with the way things are.

With the game being held in Tampa, the Buccs become the first team ever to play a super bowl match in their home stadium!

The half time show performer will be the Weeknd! So I think I will add a Weeknd song to my LNSA Spotify playlist! The half time show has had names like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé & Coldplay to name just a few!

I always look out for the half time adverts/commercials because there are some exciting things announced over the years. With some big names appearing in many different ways.

That about wraps it up from me for late night snack attack!

Thanks for reading guys and girls! Lets play us some FOOTBALL!

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