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Late Night Snack Attack!!

Introducing Late Night Snack Attack!!

A new feature of mine I thought of doing a few months ago but haven't got round to writing about it. I came up with the idea for this feature when I was writing my takeover: Cardiff post back in august.

Basically its just and excuse to do some late night cooking whilst watching sports and entertainment.

Whether its the live wrestling, boxing, NBA, NFL or the UFC, I will most probably cook for the occasion. The events will be America most likely so there is about 5 hours difference between us and them.

Although I will say now I cant see myself doing this feature a lot because of the time difference and it disrupting my body clock and all of that stuff. Also I have a lot of others to balance out as well. I have one post to write up from last year which will hopefully be written up soon.

I have always been interested in the American style snacks and that is a big incentive for me to do this feature. Also with my super bowl post in the past, I've been able to research a few of the states favourite eateries & cuisines.

For this feature like all of my others, I will make a playlist for it and gradually add to it as time goes on.

So that wraps up this short into, thankyou all for reading. With the super bowl, Wrestlemania & potentially Fury vs Joshua coming soon, there's a lot of good cooking, eating & watching ahead!

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