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Kick Off Cooking! Part 4: It's Euro 2020!!

Hello everyone!!

Well it's here after a year long delay! Euro 2020!

The delay came because of the obvious reason of COVID and was meant to be held in major cities around Europe.

The tournament is still being held in different countries but a few less than planned because of some not being able to accommodate the regulations set out.

That leaves 51 games in 11 countries!

This has led to countries like England inheriting more games at Wembley!

My first experience of the European championships was at Euro 2004 in Portugal, where England were knocked out on penalties by Portugal.

It was the centre stage for a young, raw Wayne Rooney and an underdog winner in Greece!

I have an idea to go over Euro 2004 so I wont go into much detail about it!

Over the next month or so I am going to try and make as much Euro themed content as I can!

Like I say I already have a few ideas but having ideas and bringing them to life are two different things!

Tonight is the start of the tournament with Italy and Turkey kicking things off in Rome!

I have been collecting the Heineken Euro themed beer bottles to upcycle them and make a set of nice lights out of them! They will be used for what ever game I will be making food for or writing about.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good prop!

There is a lot of excitement for the England squad this year!

With exciting young talents included like Phil Foden, Mason Mount, Jack Grealish & Jude Bellingham to name a few.

I am a little worried with how we have been built up though.

Foden & Grealish being compared to Paul Gascoigne on more than one occasion and the fact Foden has dyed his hair exactly like Gazza's at Euro 96 has caused a bit more unrest for me. Now he has to play like Gazza because if he doesn't and the team flops the scenes I think could be quite ugly because with what we have just been through, people need some euphoria and some happiness.

I am working for England's opener on Sunday against Croatia but I can listen to it on the radio so its not the worst thing in the world. Croatia knocked England out in the last world cup back in 2018, beating us in the semi final.

If we beat Croatia then I think that will make me feel a little better but it will be interesting to see the line up and the set up of the team.

The big one for me is playing Scotland at Wembley next Friday so I have all the football related emotions in me!

For tonight's opener between Italy and Turkey, I went for something I've had on holiday before whilst a summer international football tournament has been on!

I made bruschetta!

Bruschetta is simple to make and it is a great finger food for the football, or any occasion really!

I made my bruschetta with Ciabatta, red & orange vine tomatoes, oak smoked garlic, basil & a splash of red wine vinegar.

I also spread a little Philadelphia garlic and chive cream cheese over the Ciabatta before the tomato mix went on!

Its not very traditional but it seemed to workout.

We did some pizza's as well and made a bit of a spread, which I love to do!

There is even a little cameo/hint to a post that's coming up on the blog soon.

I have rolled back the years and I have brought the England shirt we were wearing back in 2003 as I felt £70 for the recent top is a bit steep for me (Tight arse). But I have my eye on the new British and Irish lions jersey and of course there are the new forest shirts that coming out soon!

I have however brought the training jumper that England are wearing at the moment and the Adidas match ball of course!

I preferred the jumper because white football shirts don't stay all white for very long and I feel my mood would be savage if I spilt anything down my £70 football shirt.

I also brought some soft footballs for the furry trio!

I am quite excited for the euros, I don't get that animated about football. I would say the football fan comes out of me when forest play rivals like Coventry, Derby, Leeds & Villa. Coventry are not really a rival of forest's but they are for me personally so I really hope I am able to go in the new season ahead.

I think that is about it for my little euro opener!

There is a hell of a lot coming up so its going to be busy to cover what I want to! I could do with a team of my own!

Thankyou so much for reading!

Enjoy the euro's!!!!

AND ITS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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