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Hello Everyone

Hi i'm Matt, I'm in my late 20's and I'm a cook from the West Midlands in the UK.

I've been working in kitchens for just over seven years now and have experienced a number of different working environments from Cafes, Pubs and a couple of Exhibitions/shows, but most of my experience of working in a kitchen has come from working in Care homes.

When I'm not at work, I'm at home trying out new dishes and refining old favourites and when I'm not cooking I'm thinking about cooking. There are so many styles and tastes of food that I love which have inspired me to cook. I have a fondness for traditional pub food and good hearty British meals that fill you up and make you feel happy. I also love street food from all different cultures and walks of life. Italian is one of my favourite cuisines to cook.

An area of food that I have yet to try cooking is traditional Chinese and Indian cuisine. So I'm hoping these will be the next food adventures I'll be going on. I find my inspiration for cooking from all around, even social media. Sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are a good source of inspiration and I love buying new cook books and trying new twists on recipes.

To me food should be about simplicity. Making the most out of a small number of ingredients and making it work. You don't need 15 different ingredients to end up with a beautifully prepared dish.

Whilst learning to cook there have been few famous chefs that have inspired me along the way. Whether it's with their books, TV programmes or YouTube videos. A few of these chefs are; The Hairy Bikers, Gennaro Contaldo, Tom Kerridge and Raymond Blanc to name a few.

Other than cooking, I have a few more passions & hobbies. The most important one aside from Cooking is Music, I'm a record collector. When I'm cooking, at home or in the car, you can always find me listening to Spotify. I'm also a bit of a Gamer and A Sports fan.

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