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So Halloween has been and gone and it has been probably my most planned thing since my Takeover: Cardiff post back at the end of August.

Halloween has normally been spent watching films with a bucket load of chocolate or has been spent being ignored.

So for this year I thought I'd make the effort and make some tricks & treats! Some I have made before and some things are a first attempt for me, but I will get into that!

It was a decent but tiring day, I finally got to use my Halloween Spotify playlist too which set the tone. We also decorated the kitchen, living room & garden with lights, candles, masks, sugar skulls, pumpkins and pop vinyl figures.

Because there was a fair bit I wanted to plan and cook, I ended up cooking a few things before Halloween was actually upon us. A couple of those are suitable for their own individual post, so some I will be brief on!

So lets begin!


Freddy Fazbears Pizza!

I covered Five Nights At Freddy's in my last post on my blog.

I think this was inspired by the awesome Freddy birthday cake I got for my 30th! Making pizza's that reference FNAF has been something I've wanted to do for a good while. So we made an evening of it where the plan was to make & eat pizza, along with playing the FNAF game.

We ended up getting distracted with another game called little nightmares! Which is brilliant.

I wont say much more because like I say, there is a full post to come from this so watch out for a level ups post coming soon!

It was also an excuse to use the many five nights funko pop vinyls I have.


Oogie Boogie Burgers

Another thing I made before Halloween!

These fun sized burgers were a combination of beef burgers, cheese & streaky bacon. But with the spare the moment addition of bacon wrapped jalapeno's that are stuffed with garlic and chive cream cheese!

Originally these were only meant to go on the side to nibble but we ended up adding them to the burger, we had some left to have on the side too.


Now onto Halloween day!!


Butternut Squash Soup!

We decided on making a nice easy soup for lunch, something warming and seasonal. So we decided on a butternut squash soup, with sweet potato, carrot & red onion.

It turned out that well, I am actually making it tonight! Along with some of the food I didn't get round to cooking on Halloween. These are puff pastry wrapped sausages, Catherine wheels and baked camembert with puff pastry swirls that were filled with a red onion chutney.


Pennywise Puff Pastry Straws!

The main reason why we opted to make soup for lunch was so I could make these to go with it!

These puff pastry straws are so so easy to make, although they are a little fragile when you have to twist them. That may be down to my ogre sausage fingers though! I made them cheesy ones but I bet you could use a chutney or puree on them too. I will have to try it one day!

You all know that pennywise is one of my favourite ever horror characters and that watching the remakes hold nice memories for me.

I had this pennywise mug I received as a gift a few Christmas's ago and I thought what better time to use it.

They came out looking amazing! They had grown massively!


Sugar Skull Rock Cakes!

Rock cakes are a favourite of mine to bake because they are easy, versatile and quick to make. Not to mention that they taste amazing! I brought some sugar skull icing cupcake toppers a while ago and my plan was to make a Jack Skellington face cake and have muffins with them around the outside. But things and plans change so I ended up using them on top of the rock cakes.

They went down really well and was the only real sweet thing I did for Halloween!


Spooky Barbeque Burgers!

These burgers came at the right time in the day as I had a couple of glasses of red wine and they made me so sleepy! The burger did a great job of soaking up the wine.

We picked up the burgers from Marks & Spencer's. As you'll see they were in the shape of a pumpkin and look pretty cool!

One of our first ideas was to be different and have a Halloween barbeque. But like I say things change and we have storm Aiden visiting us at the moment so it probably wasn't the wisest of ideas to have a full barbeque outside. Saying that though, the wind and rain held off at the right time for us to fire up outside and grill the spookiness out of the burgers.

We served them in brioche buns, with cheddar cheese, red onion chutney and fried shallots.


Slow Cooked Chilli

Now this may be the last thing I mention for our Halloween feast but it was the first thing that was prepared and put on to cook.

The chilli was made from beef mince, carrots, tomatoes, chilli's (obviously), chick peas, onions and kidney beans. It was nice although it packed a wallop!


So that was it for Halloween. As we went through the day we learned of Sean Connery passing away and that Britain will be heading into a month long lockdown starting soon.

It doesn't make much difference to my routine I just wont be seeing my friends for a month, I still work and it wont change in that department.

Everyone stay safe and look after one another!

As for Food With Chewi, my next big project to plan for is only 53 days away!

So stay tuned guys and girls.

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