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Food & Music Part 9: World In Motion!

Love's got the world in motion,

And I know what we can do,

Love's got the world in motion,

And I can't believe its true.

Hello there!

I am back with a euro 2020 themed Food & Music post!

I will be covering quite possibly my favourite football song of all time, World In Motion by New Order!

The Manchester band released the song in 1990 (the year I was born) for the world cup in Italy, known as Italia '90.

New Order are one of my favourite bands so maybe that is why I prefer their song over the likes of Three Lions and songs of that nature.

They made my favourite song ever which is True Faith!

I have been lucky enough to see New Order live back in 2012!

They closed out the 2012 Olympic games in Hyde Park in London where they supported The Specials & Blur!

I did/do have tickets to see them again at some point in the future. I was meant to see them last year on my 30th but with COVID it has been pushed back to late this year.

World In Motion features a few members of the then England squad like Paul Gascoigne & John Barnes who has his iconic part in the song.

I had to dig through my records to find out the 7 inch, I was certain I had it.

Whilst what I cooked for this post has nothing to do with the song, I decided on some simple pork scratchings to go with the flowing beer, anthems & football!

I always enjoy making these and they always go down well!

I find cooking them slowly is better because the crispy element is a lot better.

So be patient with them and keep an eye on them! Some pieces of the skin will cook more quickly than the others.

We cant be having any burnt bits!!

On a little side note before I call time on this post!

It is good timing whilst I'm writing about football songs.

I was literally just scrolling though my Instagram and I have seen that there has been another Vindaloo song. I have watched the video and given it a listen and I am not to sure, there are some things that should be left but I suppose for this generation it makes sense. The song features Will Mellor, Keith Lemon, Paddy McGuinness & Danny Dyer as well as others.

One massive positive I have with it though that its so good to see people out enjoying themselves and having a good time filming and making this song!

You cant beat the classics though so Vindaloo & Jerusalem by Fat Les cannot be topped!

Thankyou for reading!


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