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Food & Music Part 8: Is The Barbecue An Instrument?

Hello there!

It's been a few months since my last food & music post but I am back with a bit of a ramble about those two very topics!

The past couple of weekends I have been making the most of the decent weather and I've been cooking on the barbecue! I have been outside in the 20 plus degree heat cooking all sorts of things!

I also took a trip to a place called Fargo Village in Coventry! Quite the trendy place full of independent shops and boutiques, one of which was a record shop I visited to scout out as its record store day this Saturday.

I will be going over my weekend mainly my whereabouts and what I picked up along the way!

So Saturday I had a plan for the weekend set out already in my head. My plan was to go and pick up Tom Kerridge's latest cookbook which is about outdoor cooking and also pick up some drink and things of that nature.

Next up was to go to the wholesale meat place where I came away with some pork belly, minted lamb, sirloin steaks and a lot of back bacon!

Finally I took the short trip to Fargo to check out this record shop, where a quick look turned into £60 spent and a bag full of records to enjoy!!

I had the idea that I wanted to set up my record player and have some good music with some decent food! Just to create that kind of environment that I personally would like to go too or be in, if that makes any sense.

I managed to pick up a couple of albums & a few singles from the record shop!

From the likes of Blur, Oasis, Joy Division, PIL, The Jam & The Last Shadow Puppets!

It was nice to dress up a little bit on the trendy side in my Miles Kane/Fred Perry polo! I didn't feel as fresh as I probably wanted too as my hair has grown out so I am looking into getting it cut by a professional now instead of my lockdown tradition of shaving of the head! Although I rather quite liked it shaven!

After a nice drive back, I had a flick through my new book and checked out a few barbecuing ideas on YouTube.

As well as the meat overload I had brought, I was shown some mushrooms cooked on the barbecue finished with stilton/blue cheese and a homemade compound butter.

Compound butter is very popular at the moment from what I have noticed in videos and recipes I have looked at.

I made my compound butter with softened kerrymaid butter (because I have had some kind of Irish influence of late!). I included some grated oak smoked garlic, chopped chives and chopped parley and a generous crack of black pepper that made up a flavoursome butter to experiment with!

The blue stilton mushroom recipe I had seen came from the chef Levi Roots! I like what Levi Roots does but in the household I am in, spicy food isn't made often!

When it came to making them, I made life difficult for myself as I didn't slice the stilton ahead of time as I had seen it broken off from the wedge in the video. It just goes to show don't believe everything you watch! Anyway you live and learn and they came out ok regardless.

With the mushrooms I took peoples word for it, maybe next time I will do the unthinkable and try them.

I cooked off the pork belly and also some minted lamb chops which made one hell of a mess on the grill! They were very good though!

The previous weekend we had pork belly in a bright red Chinese style marinade! This time out it was only plain pork belly but I brushed over a honey & BBQ sauce mix I made up ahead of time! With a sprinkle a chopped chives on the pork belly, it all ended up looked half decent!!

With the record player set up and playing, it was the best environment to be involved in!! The best I could try and create anyway. There would be tweaks I could make I am sure but that is neither here nor there.

I managed to get 6 nice sirloins in the pack I picked up, I saved 2 and diced up the other 4 to make some kebabs with some red onion & bell peppers.

The 2 steaks were cooked along with the kebabs, finished with some of that lovely butter!

I'd say they were some of the best steaks I have ever cooked! So satisfying!

After the food was eaten and everything was cleared away, we sat out and listened to music!

Throughout the evening we listened to some Gorillaz, Bastille, Gerry Cinnamon & Just Jack. I also managed to play a couple of the singles I got from Fargo!

The next day on the Sunday, my head was dealing with the aftermath of having a ton of Budweiser, a few ciders and a generous glass of prosecco.

So my day was mostly spent vegging out watching Columbo & trying to get this post rolling, but I gave up on trying to write as I couldn't get anywhere with it.

But as they say the show must go on! I managed to drag myself out to the barbecue and I cooked out some burgers!

Lovely beef burgers with bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce and all served in lightly toasted brioche buns! That was me and my weekend done, I was ready for bed after that!

After my weekend on the barbecue, I have decided there's a round flat grill plate I want to get to play about with.

So I will be looking to pick one of those up on my next set of days off! So I can cook prawns, fried rice & all manor of new things on the barbecue!

That wraps up food & music for the time being!

I will be back shortly as it is record store day on Saturday and I have an idea for that!

Not to mention it is the start of the euros in a few days time so things are about to get real busy!

A little side not though, I racked my hungover brain for days about a decent title to this post but I came up with nothing so that was the best I came up with!

Thankyou all for reading and I will talk to you all very soon!


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