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Food & Music Part 7: Sgt. Pepper Steak Sandwich

Hello everyone! Finally my first post of 2021!

I've been away from writing anything for a while, since November I think it was but I'm back now and hopefully I will be writing more from now on. There are a lot of occasions to plan, to cook and to write for and I have an ever growing list of topics to write about and dishes to cook.

So setting myself up in a better place to write was key, with a fish finger sandwich for lunch, a coffee & hells kitchen on in the background makes all the difference I feel.

So with that being said, I bring you my first post of 2021 and the seventh part of my food & music feature.

The Sgt Pepper Steak Sandwich!

I originally cooked this mid august of last year and what inspired it, was this.

My Sgt pepper mill! Brought from Liverpool a few years ago now, I remember seeing it in a shop in the

Liverpool One shopping complex. I don't think I even brought it myself, I think I received it as a birthday present.

As for the music well I wouldn't regard myself as a big Beatles fan, in fact the first time I heard the Sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band song was when U2 & Paul McCartney opened live 8 with it in 2005. I was a big U2 fan at the time.

I've also heard stereophonics cover of it before as well which was pretty decent.

As for the album itself I think I picked up it on holiday for a couple of quid somewhere, on vinyl of course!

(As I'm writing this I had my New Order - Get Ready album arrive, so happy days!)

My favourite track from Sgt pepper has to be "A Day In The Life", which I will put into the food & music playlist I need to continue and add to.

Now to the sandwich!

I couldn't resist setting up my record player to use a both a prop and a scene setter in the kitchen.

The sandwich was made up of steak, bacon, lettice, roasted peppers & a little mustard. With the bread I had to use the boring shop brought bread as I never had anything else, but I'd of quite liked to use ciabatta or something.

I think this was one of the last times I cooked steak so I think that needs to change real soon!

On a final mental note, the Beatles have a song called "Strawberry Fields", so maybe I can make something to reference that in the future? who knows!

Thankyou all for reading and ill speak to you soon!

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