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Food & Music Part 6: Unfinished Business Part 3

Late last year one of my favourite bands, White Lies re-released their debut album: To lose my life, for its 10 year anniversary. Also Irish beer-makers White Hag collaborated with the band and released a special beer to celebrate the re-release. It was named after a song from the album called unfinished business. I thought how to incorporate this beer into something edible for my page!

My first attempt seen me make some beer battered onion rings which were amazing!

They looked good and tasted even better!

With part 2 I decided to batter and fry some chicken pieces and serve them with some spicy coleslaw to reference the song Tokyo.

Next comes part 3!

I started thinking about part 3 about 10 minutes after I finished part 2. I thought of referencing another White Lies album, I decided on Big TV. And what do I like to do whilst chilling and watching Tv? Eating pizza!

This will be unlike any pizza recipe I have ever attempted or even eaten before because the pizza dough will be made with the unfinished business beer.

For this pizza dough recipe you will need:

540g of Strong Bread Flour

330ml (1 can) of beer

1 generous pinch of salt

7g of dry yeast

Making the dough is simple! just weigh out the ingredients into a mixing bowel and combine! If you have a mixer then great! if not then you are in for a messy time!

Luckily I used a mixer and I used the hook attachment.

Once mixed, transfer to an oiled bowl and left in a warm place so the dough can rise.

I left the dough for 24 hours before making my pizza, you can certainly smell the beer coming out of the dough when it came to rolling.

Now the sauce and toppings you add to make your pizza is your preference. For me I used an old el paso tomato sauce for the base, and i used some cheddar cheese, sliced red onion and chorizo.

Cook in a preheated oven at 150 degrees for about 10/12 minutes or just keep an eye on it because my cooker is abit dodgy!

So there you have it! Part 3 of unfinished business!

I think this will be it for a while with cooking with the beer but its not going to be the last time!

I have infact been looking into gin recipes due to a special gin collaboration with Leicester Tigers, I have made gin onion rings before a few summers ago.

Which of 3 looks better and what would you be more open to try?

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