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Food & Music Part 5: More Unfinished Business

Just to recap!

Late last year one of my favourite bands, White Lies re-released their debut album: To lose my life, for its 10 year anniversary. Also Irish beer-makers White Hag collaborated with the band and released a special beer to celebrate the re-release. It was named after a song from the album called unfinished business. I thought how to incorporate this beer into something edible for my page!

My first attempt seen me make some beer battered onion rings which were amazing!

They looked good and tasted even better!

This time tho I decided to batter and fry some chicken pieces.

The album is a different one this time! This time the inspiration is from white lies 5th and latest album Five, which was released early last year.

The idea being to season it with Japanese spices to reference the song Tokyo from the Five album.

The recipe for this batter is a simple one:

230g of Self Raising Flour

330ml ( One Can ) of beer

Schwartz Japanese seasoning ( I cant remember the official name but I got it from the herbs and spices bit in Tesco )

Seasonings ( I used Salt, Pepper and Garlic Granules )

I also made an accompaniment for the chicken, a nice coleslaw!

But this isn't any ordinary coleslaw, it is made with a sriracha mayonnaise.

It had the standard sliced white cabbage & white onion, as well as some grated carrot.

A friendly warning to anyone that makes this, it has one hell of a kick to it.

To make the batter and cook the chicken, use the same method as the onion rings. All you have to do is whisk together the flour and beer until combined, leave in the fridge for half hour just to rest, give it one light whisk after and its ready to use.

Cut your chicken into pieces, dust with seasoned flour (again you can season the flour how you like too but I used the Japanese spice mix), cover in batter and fry them in either a fryer or a pan with some oil in.

When the batter nice and golden, remove and drain on some kitchen roll. I then finished them off in the oven for 10 minutes because chicken takes longer to cook than onion!

What your left with is fried chicken, a spicy coleslaw, a couple of beers to have with it and a decent record to listen too. What more could you want!

I think i'm going to try and make something that references every album they have done, I certainly have an idea for part 3 anyway. So stay tuned for that!


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