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Food & Music Part 2: Unfinished Business Onion Rings

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Late last year one of my favourite bands, White Lies re-released their debut album: To lose my life, for its 10 year anniversary. Also Irish beer-makers White Hag collaborated with the band and released a special beer to celebrate the re-release. It was named after a song from the album called unfinished business. I thought how to incorporate this beer into something edible for my page, So we have beer batter onion rings!!

Back in 2009 when the album was originally released, I wasn't really into white lies, I mainly listened to Editors, The Killers and Kings of Leon to name a few. At the time the charts were filled with Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Lily Allen and David Guetta. If anything the only song i heard from the album back then was farewell to the fairground, which was the main single.

The beer is described as tropical, which gives it abit of an aftertaste, this isn't the first band and beer collaboration iv tried. Back in 2015 editors released salvation, much like this beer its named after a song but from their In Dream album.

The recipe for this batter is a simple one:

230g of Self Raising Flour

330ml ( One Can ) of beer

Seasonings ( I used Salt, Pepper and Garlic Granules ) but you could use all manor of seasonings and spices.

All you have to do is whisk together the flour and beer until combined, leave in the fridge for half hour just to rest, give it one light whisk after and its ready to use. cut your onions into rings, dust with seasoned flour (again you can season the flour how you like too), cover in batter and fry them in either a fryer or a pan with some oil in.

Maybe next time I will get a nice dipping sauce to go with them or something, and maybe batter something else too like fish or a cake or something. I certainly brought enough beer to do a few dishes with them.

A few hours after making these onion rings, I put them

on my Instagram wall and on the story. I tagged both the band and the brewery in one of the pictures and get this, they both viewed it, so that was nice and made me happy.

I mainly found white lies through their later music,

especially their latest album: Five. They have a darker sound and resembled and reminded me of Joy Division and Editors, who I have listened to over the years, I even think white lies were my top band on spotify last year too.

That's about it for this post, I'm sure I will find something else to make with this beer, so tell me what you think in the comments, if you know of any beer or alcohol band collaborations that need to be be tried or what I could make next with the unfinished business beer.

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