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Food & Music Part 10: Record Store Day 2021!

Hello there!

So record store day has finally happened for 2021!

I missed out last year because of COVID & the fact there wasn't a great deal on the list that took my fancy apart from a couple of Gorillaz releases. But they were mainly B-sides though!

This year though the list was pretty decent so there were plenty of titles I was on the lookout for!

I would usually go to a shop in Ashby-de-la-Zouch which is about 20 miles north from me but that shop sadly closed in late 2019.

So this time out I went to a record shop based at Fargo village in Coventry.

Fargo village is a trendy place in Coventry that is filled mainly with small independent businesses. It holds a lot of fairs like preloved clothes, record, crafts, art & food to name a few.

I was up early because it is wise to join the queues as soon as you can because a lot of these exclusives sell out fast!

I was there and queueing for around half past 6. I was handed a list of releases & told the way they were doing things.

This was last month so there were more COVID restrictions in place. So Instead of being able to go into the shop from 8am, I was given a number and I ticked the records I wanted off of the list. They would then go and check the stock, bag them up & I would pay for them. I still had to wait until 8 though as they legally couldn't let them go before.

Whilst I was queuing I got talking to a guy called Dave from Leicester who was pretty sound.

We got chatting about our jobs, music, Adidas & some overall stuff about ourselves.

He had a love for Manchester bands so we both rattled off a list of our favourites, both smiling when we mentioned Joy Division, New Order & Oasis.

We spoke about what we were both after, I think he got 3 of the 4 he wanted but he made up for it by buying an original Screamadelica album by Primal Scream which was about £150 I think!

He spoke to me about a band called the magic gang which had a record available, there was another band I think it was the charlatans that he liked. He liked them that much he has releases of the same album but in different additions and from different country's.

Dave also pointed out how many music lovers wear Adidas trainers. I looked down the queue after he said and probably 11/12 of the 15 in front was rocking them. I was wearing some old navy suede gazelles & he was wearing some custom leather white and royal blue ones, which looked pretty cool!

That lead me to think about fashion in general when it comes to music. Me myself I got into my fashion after college but the brands I wear have changed a little since then.

I noticed he was wearing a fair bit of Henri Lloyd, which I do like. I was wearing a grey Aquascutum thin jacket which has become a favourite during the lockdowns as its so comfortable!

After we paid he asked if I fancied a coffee so we went and found out a place in Fargo that I heard was open.

Technically they weren't going to open officially until the week after but they opened up to have a trial run.

I had a black coffee which I have never had before as I just went for the cheapest thing as he was paying for me! We sat and chatted until it was time to collect our records.

If I'm honest It was strange to talk to someone in the flesh outside, away from home or work. With everything that has happened it is strange to go through the 'normal' motions again.

Anyway I had a great time there & it is something I will remember.

I managed to come away with records by Ed Sheeran, Fatboy Slim, Noel Gallagher & Linkin Park! Which is a jewel in my collection!

Meteroa by Linkin Park was their second studio album and it was a reissue, I think it is going to be 20 years since its original release next year!

It is definitely one of my favourite albums ever made!

I also brought records by Jake Bugg & The Cure off of eBay as I couldn't get them at the record shop.

After Leaving Fargo I went and got some breakfast, before going to pick up some ingredients and meat for the evening I had planned!

The Euros had kicked off the day before record store day and this was the day Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch for Denmark, which knocked the wind out of my sails.

But once I learned he was conscious I was able to focus up. I have a long overdue Euros post to write which will most likely be my next post so I will touch on more on that then.


Last time I went to RSD I also went to Cheese Fest, which a small food festival based around cheese (If you couldn't work that out).

So I wanted to do something with cheese as a highlight and to reference the trip I took. Luckily I had seen an idea on Instagram of a ridiculous looking cheesy tear and share garlic bread, so I made that!

My version had different cheeses including edam, multiple strength cheddar's, red Leicester, mozzarella, brie & Mexicana!

That was to eat whilst the barbecue was warming up!

After our tear and share starter, I cooked rump steaks, minted lamb, chicken drumsticks & I made a basic coleslaw to go with it!

After cooking it was just left to eat & listen to the records I had picked up earlier in the day!

I stayed out in the garden until past 11 but I had to go in because I had work the next day, luckily I wasn't out there alone!

That was my experience of drop 1 of RSD, drop 2 happened last weekend but I never went to that as there was hardly anything on that list I was after.

Although I have ordered the Cranberries greatest hits that is still yet to come so I am looking forward to that!

So that wraps up part 10 of Food & Music! This feature is now into double figures!

Thankyou to everyone that has read this post and have followed through the post additions!

I have some catching up to do as always but it feels good to be writing after over a month of no uploads, with the euros I wanted to just cook and enjoy the tournament.

Until next time!

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