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Food & Music

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Food & Music are two very big influences in my life.

I obviously have this site and my Instagram page and I cook as a job so I have shown and explained what I love about food, what I like to make and eat, what interests me and what Id like to recreate and make.

I love music, music has influenced and shaped portions of my life, much like I am sure it has yours in areas as well.

I collect vinyl records, i have been for about 7-8 years, and over those years Iv built a decent collection up. The majority of records I own have some kind of memory, story or reference to a person, place or even behind them. Either that or it was just a blinding bit of music. I'm also on spotify too, I make playlists and I find that doing it chills me out a bit. I get a lot of satisfaction from it too, having made over 180 playlists already.

So my idea is to write about certain dishes that have relevance to me, it can be with a band, album or song. I already have a few ideas so they will be uploaded soon, the food & music uploads can be found in the forum of this site or in the link down below.

If you have any ideas or what would be a good pairing, drop me a comment.

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