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Food Memories Part 2: RSD & Cheesefest

This food memory is about a long and hectic day out I had last April, its a year today actually. Where I attended record store day and cheesefest!

Record store day is a day I always look for on the calendar, for the past few years anyway. I went to my first one in 2017 and have been going ever since.

RSD is where independent record shops release exclusive records a couple of months before the date,

Last years was special for a number of reasons though!

Because of the releases - The releases I brought were from bands and artists like The Courteeners, A-ha and Chase And Status.

Also I managed to get two records to do with a couple of my favourite TV programmes, The Mighty Boosh and The League Of Gentlemen.

As I have mentioned before about The Courteeners - Falcon album, it is an album I never ever thought I would get to own. The releases I got are important to me in different ways but Falcon is a level above most albums and records I have.

There is one I ordered on eBay when I got back because I couldn't get my hands on it and that was The Gorillaz - The Fall. There are even a few from last year I still have my eye on to get. Mind you my record wanting list is never ending!


The record shop - I would go to a record shop in Ashby-De-La-Zouch which is about 20 miles away from where I live. The shop unfortunately closed late last year which wasn't nice to see.


And a few other things like not having Foxy (My old car) and with who I would go with.

Obviously with how things are today, record store day 2020 has been postponed. But to be honest I wasn't going to go anyway. I think the most appealing record off the list was Ellie Gouldings - Lights album, which is getting a re-release for its 10 year anniversary. I loved Ellie Gouldings early stuff and I had a massive crush on her but as time went on I just thought her other stuff wasn't for me.


Onto Cheesefest!

Cheesefest is a food festival based around.. you guessed it.. Cheese!

We thought it was sods law when it fell onto the same day as we thought we were going to have to miss out. But we went for it and went to both!

Cheesefest toured up and down the country but for the date it fell on it was held in Malvern, Worcestershire.

So we went from Nuneaton to Ashby then to Coventry (to drop off a record we picked up for someone, Pink Floyd I think it was)

Then 50 miles south to Malvern and then back to Nuneaton again!

There was extra meaning to going to Cheesefest because they were celebrating 30 years of Wallace & Gromit!

So we get there and there are tents and stalls set up with all different kinds of food, an endless verity of cheeses to buy. We got a fair few to take home, I remember a strong black pepper cheese and a cheddar cheese called the Peaky Blinder, which had whiskey in. Which I did a little platter with.

We had a bit of a pig out as well, having a grilled cheese sandwich, halloumi fries and I had a few sausage rolls. One in particular I remember was a pork and chorizo one, in fact I think I had two!

We made the most for our time down there and went for a long walk.. And the only way was up!

We regretted it when we got so far but we still had to find our way back, my legs had turned to jelly!

I have another food memories idea but that wont be until the end of august.

Today is one year to the day that we went down there, since then a lot has changed.

I have brought more records, cooked and eaten a lot more food. Including a grilled cheese sandwich to represent this grand day out!

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