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Food In Films Part 3: Breaking Bad Breakfast

So I'm back once again for the third instalment of my food in films feature!

This time though it features a reference from an iconic series, Breaking Bad!

Now before I start I have actually wrote about this topic before, I think it was actually my third ever post on the FWC blog! A lot of things had pointed me in the direction of remaking this post, but this time as part of the food in films section.

I'm talking of course about the Breaking Bad breakfast! A couple of years I made the breakfast due to the spinoff film El Camino being released onto Netflix and with this time being for my 30th and I figured its still a good post idea, I made another breakfast.

Last time, the breakfast was made up of fried eggs, homemade hash browns & of course streaky bacon!

I'll leave a link to my old post so you can check it out!

This time though I went for something a little different, Pancakes!

Not just any pancakes though! Pancakes with streaky bacon & fried eggs, drizzled with maple syrup also!

Now the idea of having pancakes in a savoury way has never really appealed to me because I just never thought it would work. But seeing that America, Canada & Ireland all have savoury pancakes in a similar way, spurred me on to try it. I can tell you all now that I was not disappointed! They were amazing!

The Breaking Bad world is so unique and in depth, even the spin offs like Better Call Saul & El Camino are just as good as the original series.

Even the trailer for El Camino is a work of art, tied together with action shots & a song 'Black Water by Reuben and the dark'. I actually found myself listening to that song a fair bit on Spotify.

Warning though! it shows shows potential spoilers so if you haven't seen Breaking Bad or you're half way through or whatever, I wouldn't recommend looking at the trailer.

Now there are a few food references in Breaking Bad that I still would love to try and make. Like the Cinnabon's from Better Call Saul, Gus Frings Cuban fish stew and of course the Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken with curly fries!!!

I expect I would go all out on the fried chicken because I've wanted to make it for so long so I will probably make up some packaging and stuff to make the photos look as good as can be!

So that wraps up part 3 of food in films!

If there are any food references in any films you've seen that you'd like for me to recreate then drop me a comment below!

Thankyou all for reading! BITCH!

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