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Food In Films Part 2: Negan's Spaghetti

Nearly half a year passed since my first and only food in films series, I am back with part 2!

In part 2 I have made something that appears in a scene from The Walking Dead.

For part 1 which are the blueberry muffins from casino, I will leave a link below.

Now before anybody points out to me "Walking Dead isn't a film".But if I did a section for TV & for films, I would have too many series to write about and I have a fair few started already! So I am covering films and TV in the same section.


Negan made his TV debut in the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, and made a brutal impact. I wont say what happens for those that haven't seen it and don't know.

I am not up to date with TWD these days so I am not sure what has happened, although social media & the internet are good at sharing spoilers.


So this dish is taken from season 7 episode 8.

In the scene, Negan as turned up at Alexandria while Rick is out looking for resources and makes himself at home. He cooks spaghetti for Rick's son Carl, who he takes a shine to. I tried to find the scene but I only could find the scene but the German version.

So my thinking for this dish is that in a zombie apocalypse, resources will be very limited so I kept the recipe & ingredients used will be basic. I will include the recipe in a separate post below.


I had to make this post twice because the first time I forgot to use the thing that inspired me to do the dish. It is a wooden cutting/serving board I got last Christmas from my best friend. Walking Dead is symbolic in our friendship because it was what kick started it.

It looked better second time around I feel although I was very happy with the picture I made and printed out for the first try.

With the second try I used my vinyl soundtrack in the picture too.

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