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As you may have seen. ChewiGram is now live!!!

ChewiGram is an idea I had that was inspired by the old Sorted Food mobile site, where users could upload their own pictures and recipes. I was past over 100 uploads on there and I didn't upload for quite some time, but when i finally got round to, it had changed.

When I was taking cooking more seriously and taking pictures of what i was cooking I was uploading onto my personal Instagram page. Then at the end of February this year, I finally set up a platform for people to see.

That was where Food With Chewi was born!!!

When I finally set up this blog, I wanted something similar to what sorted food had. Ideally an online community where people can upload pictures, comment and like other peoples dishes.

ChewiGram has been live for a few days now and already its had over 10 uploads which I am very pleased & proud.

Obviously its still a work in progress, very much like the whole site, so if you have any ideas or problems you encounter, please get in touch.

Thank you to all that have subscribed & uploaded to this site.

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