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Baked beans on toast!! One of my all time favourite comfort foods. Its quick, simple and satisfying. Before we start as well, your probably wondering why make your own baked beans when they are good enough already in the tin. That was my reaction when I first seen a homemade baked bean recipe, from Tom Kerridge I think it was. I remember Ramsay not being to keen on the idea in an interview he did, yet it was his recipe on YouTube that I looked to for guidance on how I was going to do mine. His and Katie Pix's recipe on food tube.

But when times are hard like they are now and you don't have a tin to spare in the house, and you don't fancy getting told off by the police and Boris for going out to get a one. This recipe will sort you out!

It is such a flexible recipe too, if you don't have one ingredient or don't like it then swap it. Also add to it as well, I would of loved to add some diced chorizo or pancetta. Even with the beans if you don't have cannellini beans that feature in my recipe, swap it for black beans, kidney beans, adzuki beans or a mixture of a few verity's.

I also added a egg and baked it at the end so make sure your ovens preheated!

And make sure your using a pan that can go into the oven, so metal handle not plastic!

So... the ingredients you will need are:

1 Tin of Cannellini Beans

1 Tin of Chopped Tomatoes

1 White Onion

A Quarter of a Red Pepper

4 tsp of Paprika

2 tsp Wholegrain Mustard

1 Clove of Garlic

1 Egg

A few Basil leaves

Salt & Black Pepper

1. Get your pan on the heat with a little oil in, slice your onion & pepper into strips. Add them to your pan and fry gently.

2. When the onions have wilted slightly, add the paprika and the garlic and fry, then add the wholegrain mustard.

When its all mixed together add your chopped tomatoes and cook until the tomatoes are bubbling slightly.

3. Drain and rinse your beans and add them to your tomato sauce and turn down and leave to simmer for about 8 minutes.

4. When the time has passed, add the basil and then make a little well in the middle of your pan for egg. Crack it and add it to your bean mix. Place your pan carefully into your preheated oven and bake until your eggs cooked how you like it.

While your waiting you can toast your bread and get a cuppa ready or something!

Also could use bagels or bake a jacket potato if your past the peckish stage, even boil some rice!

5. Once your eggs baked, all that's left is to do is plate up and enjoy!

You can add some herbs on top for garnish if you have any going spare, I used basil for mine but some flat leaf parsley would be nice too!

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